Your Perfect Bedroom – Top 5 Finishing Touches

Your Perfect Bedroom – Top 5 Finishing Touches

Your bedroom room is almost complete; the wallpaper is finally up, the paint has been spilled and the furniture is in. Sounds perfect, but do you need more? We’ve compiled a list of our top five favourite accessories that can finalise your bedroom.

The Cushions

Bedroom CushionsThere is an abundance of cushion styles on the high street at the minute. The shape, size and texture are all important features to consider when you are buying a cushion for your bedroom. The great thing about a bedroom is that it is private to you. There are no set rules as to how many cushions you need or the colour combination – it’s entirely your choice! Bedrooms are very often filled with neutral colour schemes, so why not mix it up? A tribal print cushion is perfect for the experienced traveller whilst the animal covered cushions are ideal for pet lovers. Whatever your bedrooms style, it’s important to choose cushions that suit your style.

Picture Frames

Picture FramesFraming your photographs of holidays, family days out and your closest friends is a tradition that is employed in most households. If you find that putting your photographs in a standard frame doesn’t really liven up your room anymore, you could try framing one of your most cherished possessions. Whether it’s your collection of beach pebbles or an expensive piece of artwork, it’s important to stick with specialists who know what they’re talking about. For example, UK based Frame Set & Match appreciate the importance of an expert frame for your most prized belongings. Framing just one of your items that means the world to you can perfectly finish your bedroom.

Lighting Up Your Room

Bedroom LightingThe time that we spend in our bedrooms is usually quite minimal. We only tend to spend time in there when we wake up and when we’re ready to go to bed, which often means that it is a dark and dreary experience. It’s possible to liven up your bedroom with a few effective light accessories. This doesn’t mean a mad rush to buy an extravagant chandelier! Introducing quirky stand-alone lamps or small bedside spotlights can brighten up your bedroom. So whether you’re getting dressed up before a well-deserved night on the town or you’re reading a book before lights out, your bedroom can be bright and beautiful.


Bedroom OrnamentsPretty simple really, but very effective. It can be hard to consider what accessories to add to your bedroom after the initial necessities such as furniture and mirrors. However, just a few ornaments in varying colours and sizes can really add something to your room. Warmer and sophisticated shades might be on trend this year, but it’s important to remain loyal to your own style; it’s your bedroom after all! Don’t go overboard with your ornament buying skills and stick to a maximum of three items that can draw your attention without overpowering the room.

Fresh Flowers

Bedroom FlowersNever underestimate the power of fresh flowers! They’re not just last minute gift ideas for that special person, they can be a stunning accessory to really complete your bedroom. Finding a spare vase and filling it with fresh flowers from your nearest market, can add to the delicacy of your bedroom as well as introduce an enjoyable aroma for you to wake up to. If you’re feeling creative, you can decorate a vintage vase or design your own out of old glass jars. However you decide to display them, fresh flowers are the perfect finishing touch for a beautiful bedroom. Whether you’re in the mood to go crazy with your bedroom design or you want to keep it simple and stylish, these accessories will assist you in finalizing your perfect bedroom.