Wood Flooring Inspections

Wood Flooring Inspections

As wood flooring is once again soaring in popularity, many people are investing in engineered and pre-finished designs like these available at Floorsave. But new homeowners and those in the middle of a refurbishment need to be careful about making an investment.

Although the floor fitting process has become more convenient with it generally taking only  a few days for a wood floor to be installed, what do you do if you aren’t satisfied with the finished job? Taking the time to invest in wood flooring inspections upfront can save you a great deal of hassle and money in the long run.

Do I need a hard wood inspection?

Wood Flooring

If you have just bought a home or are planning to have wooden floors fitted, you will save yourself hundreds by enlisting the help of a hard wood inspector beforehand. A hard wood inspector will point out any issues with the installation site before you pay out to have your floor fitted. Even a slight bit of moisture in the environment could ruin the finish of a fitted wooden floor.

Likewise, if after installation you suspect that your fitted floor fitted has developed a fault or have recently experienced a flood, it can be very helpful to get a third party inspection. Since most product failures are a result of an installation error (often, basic wood floor principles can be overlooked) an independent report can be instrumental in the event of a stalemate between you and the manufacturer or installation team.

What exactly does a hardwood inspector do?

A hardwood floor inspector acts in an independent capacity, separate from any company or organisation. They make observations and record data in order to evaluate any problems with your wood flooring. After their inspection, they produce an objective report outlining industry standards and recommend a course of action for both parties.

How is having an inspection likely to help me financially?


Although costs vary, the initial outlay for such an inspection is around a couple of hundred pounds. For a new homeowner, having any potential issues documented and made available to your floor fitter before the floor is installed, means it is more likely that the job is completed up to scratch first time, saving you more money on repairs or alterations.

A hard wood floor inspection is also invaluable for dissatisfied customers. Whilst it can seem like throwing good money after bad, in fact if the situation goes to court an independent report can help to reduce legal fees and ensure that the matter is handed fairly.