uPVC stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride and is an increasingly popular material for doors and windows with double glazing. It makes an effective, low cost frame that requires minimal maintenance. Typically available in standard white, it can also come in ‘photo-finish’ wood-effect colourings, which makes it a good fit in most homes.

While uPVC will never have that truly natural look and texture that hardwood can provide, many homeowners feel that the wood effect finish looks close enough, and prefer it because of its price, the fact that it is easy to clean and look after, and that double glazed panes come as standard.

Exterior Doors

uPVC Doors If you are adding a porch to your home or if you simply want to change your home’s existing entrance, finding the right front door becomes very important. As the first thing that visitors and passers-by see of your home, your front door plays a significant role in your house’s general appearance. It also needs to be secure, of course, and provide insulation.

Compare uPVC Doors and Windows Prices

Wooden doors are a popular choice: they can look attractive and appear sturdy and reliable. It’s certainly the case that a strong, hardwood door represents a significant barrier to opportunistic thieves.

With a twist and turn locking mechanism, uPVC doors are also known for their reliability in terms of home security. As well as front doors, uPVC frames are used in a variety of door types, including French doors, Patio doors and Bi-folding doors. For more details on the different options available, take a look at our Windows and Doors Buying Guide.

Door Maintenance and Cost

uPVC Door Maintenance One of the major advantages that UPVC doors have over wooden doors is maintenance. A wooden door will need to be coated regularly, and is prone to warp in damp or humid conditions. UPVC is weather-resistant and doesn’t require any special attention other than an occasional wipe down to keep it clean.

To get a idea of the costs involved, take a look at How much does double glazing cost?, it gives a rough estimate of the average price of a uPVC door. It is worth bearing in mind that having double glazing fitted in your windows and doors will bring down the cost of your energy bills and help to ensure that your house extension is an energy efficient addition to your home.