When you need new uPVC doors and/or windows you have two routes to consider. The first is getting a company to supply and fit the doors for you, and the second is going down the supply-only route. This second option can save you money but you will need to fit them.

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What should you look for when going supply-only?


Firstly you should look for companies with experience in the industry. You should also look for a long warranty on the windows supplied. Ideally this should be 10 years, to give you peace-of-mind when ordering your windows.

Consider the delivery time you are offered too. If time is of the essence to get your windows and doors delivered, it might be worth paying slightly more to get a shorter delivery time guarantee.

The energy rating of the windows is also very important. The ratings work on a scale from A to G. If your existing windows are rated E, for example, and you replace them with A-rated windows, you will enjoy better energy efficiency levels as a result. This means A-rated windows are the best ones to get as they will help you save money on your energy bills.

You should also look for other features that may be good to have. One of these features is a trickle vent in each window. The idea of these is to provide a small amount of ventilation even when the window is shut. They can help minimise the odds of condensation occurring on your windows.

Another feature to look for is fire escape hinges. These essentially allow the window to be opened as if it was a door. Thus if you need to escape the building quickly you can do so.

Bear in mind the building regulations


If you decide to install your uPVC windows and doors yourself, you must make sure they comply with the Building Regulations. Your installation must be approved by your local authority.

What are the disadvantages of supply-only versus getting a company to fit them?

The main disadvantage is that you have to make sure you comply with building regulations. If you were to hire a FENSA-registered company to supply and fit your windows and doors, they would handle the compliance issue for you. This can save you a lot of time and effort. If you go down the self-installation route you’ll have to do this on your own.

It might also take longer for you to fit your new windows if you do it yourself, even if you get some help. You need to bear in mind how long it might take and whether you have enough time to fit them around your other responsibilities.

How much will it cost to choose supply-only costs versus getting your windows and doors fitted for you?

Save up to 75% on double glazing prices

This will depend on how many doors and windows you need, the quality and features they have and whether or not they are of a traditional size and shape. The number of openers you have will also have an effect.

To give you a rough idea of what to expect, we looked at a basic 600mm by 1200mm window with no openers. This cost £85 with VAT. The same size window with a small opener at the top cost around £109 with VAT. A larger 1800mm by 1200mm window split into three panels with a top opener in the middle and a large opening window to either side would cost around £265 including VAT. As you can see, size and openers both have an effect, as would the quality and energy rating associated with those windows.

The best way to find out how much it would cost you to get your own doors and windows made from uPVC and supplied to you to fit is to use our quote form. We can ensure you get a range of competitive quotes for supply-only windows and doors in your area.

Remember to compare your quotes like-for-like. For example don’t compare two sets of windows of the same size from different companies if one offers double glazing and the other is triple-glazed. Make sure everything matches to get an idea of which company offers the best deal.

It is best to do your research and work out exactly what you want and need prior to shopping around. Once you have your shopping list ready you can get your quotes from our website quite easily by using our online quotation form for convenience.