The price of double glazing can be affected by many factors, including the type of frame and the size of the window. These prices give a rough indication of the sort of money you can expect to spend for different sizes of uPVC windows and doors.

Average double glazing prices

Below are the average prices you would expect to pay for a new double glazed window.

Window Type Window Size Average Starting Price (UPVC)
Casement Window 60 x 90cm £250
Casement Window 120 x 120cm £350
Sash Window 60 x 90cm £500
Sash Window 120 x 120cm £600
uPVC Door Standard Size £900

On average, the total for double glazing costs will depend on how many windows a property has and the type of windows that are to be installed. When considering the question ‘how much does it cost for double glazing?’ there are plenty of variables, as well as other factors to consider (read more about DIY installation, maintenance and building regulations below), but these are the average prices* you can expect to pay according to property and window type in 2016.

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A small terraced house with 6 windows
Casement windows: about £2,300
Sash windows: about £4,500

A semi-detached house with 10 windows
Casement windows: about £3,300
Sash windows: about £5,900

A large detached house with 17 windows
Casement windows: about £5,300
Sash windows: about £9,500

*Prices include materials and labour, as well as removal and disposal of existing windows, VAT and other incidental charges.

Can you install double glazing by yourself?

It is possible to get your new double glazed windows sent directly to your home and for you to install them by yourself. As you would expect this cuts down on the overall price of your uPVC windows as you won’t have to pay for labour. However, this is a job that involves a lot of work, and even experienced do-it-yourselfers may find it a challenge.

installing double glazing

First of all it is necessary to remove the existing frames, taking care not to damage the wall in the process. The actual installation of the new windows is not complicated, but needs to be done carefully, so as to make sure that the space between the wall and the frame is even all the way around, as it is essential that the frame is perfectly level. If you are thinking about installing windows yourself, make sure you are fully prepared for the work and have all of the right tools for the job.

How much it would cost to double glaze your home?

Also, if you are installing new windows by yourself, it is up to you to make sure that they are comply with building regulations (see below). Plus, you will have to cover the cost for the disposal of your old windows.

The cost of maintenance

The quality of double glazing windows is improving all the time, and it is unlikely that you will have any problems, particularly in the first few years of your new windows’ life. Problems can occur however, and over time your windows are likely to become more susceptible to fogging – the build-up of condensation between the panes.

guaranteeNew double glazing windows come with a guarantee period, usually about ten years, during which the costs of any maintenance or repairs are covered by the double glazing companies. Outside of your guarantee period, the cost of repairs will be met by yourself, and in the worst case scenario you may have to get all of the windows replaced. The good news with regards to fogging is that it is relatively easy and inexpensive to fix. You can find more information about double glazing repairs here.

What about building regulations?

New double glazing windows must comply with part L of the building regulations. You can get more information about this at the government’s Planning Portal website. If you are getting your new windows installed by a FENSA registered double glazing company will able to take care of all of this paperwork, and any admin costs are very likely to be included in the overall price.

Materials other than uPVC for double glazing windows and doors, such as aluminium, are likely to be more expensive. Also, expect to pay up to 20% more for wood effect uPVC frames.

Get the best price for you

Known for aggressive sales techniques, the double glazing industry doesn’t have the best reputation with consumers. The way to make sure you get the best price for you is to get more than one quote. Never agree to anything until you have compared the price with at least a couple of other companies.

Also, don’t sign anything too quickly: very often a double glazing salesperson’s first quote will be higher than they are happy to accept. If you keep them waiting a little while before signing on the dotted line, they may well drop their price for you.

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