It seems more and more homeowners are opting to have bifold doors fitted in their properties. When you consider the benefits you’ll see why this is the case. Among the many options you have to think about are wooden bifolding doors, which are already gracing many properties up and down the country.

Save money on bifold doors

If you are thinking about having them installed, here are the crucial facts you need to know.

What are the advantages of wooden bifold doors?

weatherproof woodModern wooden bi folding doors are made to last. In many cases the wood is specially treated to be resistant to water, so once they’re installed you may not need to maintain them for a good while.

You do however have the opportunity to ensure they blend in with the colour scheme you’ve already got in place at your property. The frames can be painted any colour you prefer, or finished with your choice of stain or varnish to complete the look. In any event this makes them even more weatherproof than they’d otherwise be.

Of course if you want the natural look then wood is also the natural choice to make. Wood is eco-friendly too so it’s good to know you are doing your bit for the environment.

How much might wooden bi fold doors cost you?

bifold door pricesWood can be more expensive than other types of folding patio doors. However as is usually the case it will depend on the size of doors you want and how many panels you require. A simple three-panel door will clearly be far cheaper than a seven-panel door for instance. The type of wood used (always a hardwood for long-lasting convenience) can also affect the price, as can the company you go to.

The good news is that prices for bi fold patio doors made from wood have come down somewhat in recent times. You might find there isn’t that much difference between prices for wood and uPVC or aluminium-made doors.

Should you go down the supply-only route or opt for supply-and-fit?

bifold supply and fitBoth options are perfectly possible when considering adding bifolding doors to your property. For many people, going down the supply-and-fit route makes more sense since it only requires you to look for one company to provide the service you need.

Supply-only might work if you already know of someone who is experienced in the installation of these bi folding doors. If they agree to help you for a discounted price (perhaps if it’s someone you’re friendly with and can help, for example) you could save money by opting for the supply-only route.

If you do opt for the all-in-one service from a single company, make sure they can deal with every element of the job from start to finish. Don’t be afraid to ask questions either. For example if part of a wall needs to be removed to accommodate the new doors, make sure they can provide an RSJ to provide support where necessary. An experienced and knowledgeable company will have the answers to all the questions you could have.

How can you choose a company?

bifold door pricesWhen you are ready to buy your wooden bi fold patio doors you will want to find a reputable company to use to fit them for you. This is a good time to get recommendations, to search online and to get a selection of quotations to go from.

You may already have an idea of the style of doors you’d like. Most websites runs by these companies will have all the options available online so you can choose the bi folding door style and finish that appeals most. You can then get a quotation from each company for either a supply-only service or the supply-and-fit service. If you need to hire someone else to fit the doors for you and you don’t already have anyone in mind, you’ll need to go through the same process again there.

With several quotes in front of you, check recommendations and customer reviews to see how well each company is regarded. With all this information at your fingertips you can look forward to the day your brand new wooden bifold doors are fully installed and ready to enjoy as a result.

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