Folding patio doors are a great way to open up the interior of your home to the outside world. Instead of having a single door between the two, you can have bifold doors installed along a significant length of one wall, thus opening up the room in a way that wouldn’t otherwise be possible.

Save money on bifold doors

If you’re considering having UPVC bi fold doors installed in your property, read on to find out the essential things you need to know.

What are the advantages of uPVC bifold doors?

maintaining upvc bifold doorsNormal patio doors can only swing out and away from your property to a certain degree. This means they can still be in the way. Furthermore you can only have two doors at most opening out onto your garden. Imagine having bifold doors by contrast. Here you’ve got the ability to fold the doors back out of sight. As a result the doors won’t be in your way. You can also have a much larger space opening up if you have several panes included in your folding doors.

There is also the ease of maintenance involved with uPVC. As with double glazing made from the same materials, you won’t have to paint, varnish or stain anything to keep it in good condition. Just wash it down every now and then to keep the uPVC looking as good as the day you bought it.

How much would you expect to spend on uPVC bifolding doors?

the costPrices for bi fold patio doors can vary markedly. They will depend on a number of factors. For example you can get anything from a two-pane bi folding door to a door with as many as seven panes. Clearly the more panes you require, the higher the price will be.

Furthermore you may not yet have the gap required to install the doors into. This won’t be a problem with new builds but if you are renovating a property you’ll need to take into account costs for this as well.

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Quality is also a key factor here. You may be able to get smaller bi fold door combinations for less than £1,000 but what would the quality be? This would likely be for just the doors too, so you would still have the installation costs to bear in mind.

Can you get supply-only or should you opt for full installation by professionals?

installing bifold doorsIt is possible to get UPVC bi folding doors on a supply-only basis. You’ll clearly pay less for these because you only pay for the doors and not the fitting. You’ve then got the option to install them yourself if you have the experience, or to source a good fitter. The latter option might prove cheaper than getting one company to supply and fit your bifold doors; however you should shop around first to determine which option would be best in your area.

Bifolding doors are not simple to fit, and are probably beyond the expertise of most people, even those with reasonable DIY skills. By opting for a company to supply and install your bi folding doors for you, you can ensure the job is done properly before you pay for the service they have provided.

Shop around before choosing a company

compare companiesThis is exceptionally important, especially if you want good quality doors that will look good for years to come. Take care to get quotations from at least three different companies in your local area. Look for companies with experience in installing these doors as well. Look for reviews and customer responses to give you an idea of the quality of the doors and of the service you will receive. This is easy to do online nowadays and it can help narrow down your options.

bifold door pricesAs you can see it is not always advisable to choose the cheapest quote you receive. You may instead wish to compare what you are getting for your money in each case. Remember too that if you are buying the doors from one company and having them fitted by another, you’ll need to look for separate quotes for each part of the process.

All this hard work will be worth it though once your bifolding doors are installed and ready to use and enjoy.