With several materials available for your bi folding doors to be made from, you may not necessarily think about opting for aluminium bifolding doors to begin with. After all, aluminium used to have a bad reputation and rightly so at the time.

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However things have moved on since then. If you still remember what aluminium windows and doors used to be like in times gone by, you’re in for a pleasant surprise! They might just be the ideal material for your new bifold doors to be made from.

Why choose aluminium bifold doors?

colour swatchesMany people wrongly assume aluminium looks like aluminium when used in the construction of doors and windows. However this isn’t the case. Many can be bought in an attractive ‘powder’ finish that would complement any home. Furthermore you’ll usually find you can choose from a wide range of colours, much like you would if you were choosing paint. In some cases firms will actually make the doors according to your specifications with one colour on the inside and another on the outside.

Another key benefit of aluminium bi folding doors is the opportunity to enjoy much thinner frames than if you went for wood or (particularly) uPVC. You’ll no doubt be familiar with the chunky frames that most uPVC doors have. If you really want to maximise the amount of light and airiness you have in the room where the bi fold patio doors will be, aluminium could well prove to be the best option of all.

How much can you expect to pay for aluminium bi fold doors?

the cost of bifold doorsA variety of factors can and will have an effect on the eventual price you will pay. Every bi folding door is comprised of a number of folding panels. The more panels you have the higher the eventual price will be. You may also pay more if you have unique specifications on the colour combinations you wish to have inside and out. However this may only change the lead time involved in getting the doors ready to supply.

Aluminium may incur a higher price than wood or uPVC options. However it will depend on the company you choose. Furthermore the difference in price may not be anywhere as much as you might think. If you like the idea of slim-framed doors that fit seamlessly into your home in terms of their colour, aluminium may well be the best choice.

Supply-only or supply-and-fit – which option is right for you?

As with windows and standard doors, you are able to buy bifolding doors as supply-only if you wish. This means you either have to fit them on your own or hire another company for their fitting service. The alternative is to go down the supply-and-fit route. This means you go to one company to have the doors made and they will then fit them when the doors are ready.

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Many people like the convenience of the latter route since they only need to find a single company to get the entire job done. Bi fold doors aren’t easy to fit on your own so even if you’re good at DIY you would probably at least need help to get them installed. This wouldn’t be a problem if you happen to work in the glazing or building trade, but otherwise you should hire a pro to handle the installation for you.

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You may be able to get a cheaper deal by getting one company to supply the doors and another company to fit them. However, do you really want the hassle of looking for two companies rather than just one?

How to choose a reputable and affordable company

finding a reputable companyRecommendations can count for a lot here. If you don’t know anyone who has had these doors fitted you’ll need to go it alone, but you can get started by looking for recommendations and reviews online. People tend to share their opinions of traders so use this to your advantage.

You’ll need a minimum of three quotations for the service you choose. Look at various aspects such as time to complete the job, experience and your own gut feeling too. You can then place your order and look forward to the installation being completed.