Why would anyone still have single glazing?

Why would anyone still have single glazing?

Double glazing has been a feature of our homes for more than 40 years now and it is pretty rare to see a home that doesn’t already have it. But there are some and they may have decided to keep their single glazing for very good reasons. Perhaps they:

  • Live in a conservation area and must have expensive double glazing units such as sashes that they can’t afford. Many homes in conservation areas are more than 100 years old and will have sash type windows. These would need to be replaced like for like and this can be more expensive.
  • Work hard to maintain the wood, paint it every year and regularly treat it so their windows are in good shape. Wooden windows need regular maintenance and should be filled, sanded and painted at least every few years. If the wood starts to rot, your window panes could simply fall out.
  • Live in a listed home and simply are not allowed to change the windows. Some properties are not allowed to have double glazing units, but could have replacement wooden units that would be better. You would need to check with your planning officer.
  • They cannot afford to spend money on new double glazing. Some councils will help with new windows and some manufacturers and installer offer payment schemes or special deals to make it easier.
  • They live in a flat and need to wait until the council or the leaseholders agree to getting new windows. This can be a long process but even the tallest buildings can have new windows installed.
  • They like the look of the single glazing. Some old style windows do look better especially if they have been painted more interesting colours. It is true that white can look boring – but there are many different UPVC window colours now available.
  • They just don’t like double glazing because they fear it might condensate or cause damp issues. These issues are almost always because the double glazing unit is poor quality. If you buy well it shouldn’t be a problem.

These reasons certainly makes sense, but in most cases it is worth pointing out that double glazing can actually make a huge difference to quality of life and thermal efficiency in the home leading to lowered energy bills. Plus your home’s value will be improved, making it more saleable. Double glazing is also usually considered to be more attractive than single paned wooden windows as they retain their good looks over time – cutting down on the maintenance. Double glazing is also harder to break into making it safer all round.

But I like my single glazed windows

Even if you are attached to your single glazing there are still things you can do to improve the thermal efficiency of your home such as adding secondary glazing on the inside of your windows, adding shutters or heavy curtains, using film coatings to maintain a thermal barrier between the film and the glass or simply maintaining them carefully to fill any gaps in the frames and to ensure they close tightly.

You may be the last house on the street with single glazing and maybe you like it that way. But it might be time to consider the alternatives and see if double glazing is for you.