What makes insulation so important in my home?

What makes insulation so important in my home?

With energy costs still continuing to escalate and energy efficiency high on the wish list for our houses, you may have considered whether you need additional insulation in your home. There is a very good chance that you will – especially if your home was built more than ten years ago or it is one of the many period homes that the UK is famous for.

There are a number of insulation types including roof and loft insulation, cavity wall and solid wall insulation and floor insulation. It works by protecting your home against the cold, preventing warm air from leaking out of the roof, floor and walls by creating a breathable barrier.

It is suggested that 25% of heat loss in the home is via the roof, while the rest is spread between the windows, the doors, the outside walls and the floors/connecting walls. We all know that heat rises and will head to the roof of your home. If there is no barrier between your living areas and the roof, that air will keep going and escape, while cool air will enter and drop to the lower floors – this convection current will result in a very cold house.

The benefits of insulation are huge and we have listed just some of them below.

  • You will save money on energy and heating bills because your home will be naturally warmer. The Energy Saving Trust estimate that a semi detached house that has loft insulation at the recommended 270mm depth could save £150 per year and that it would cost just £300 to install. Adding cavity wall insulation could knock a further £145 off your energy bills and cost around £400 to install.
  • Your home will be significantly warmer and more comfortable to live in. Quite aside from the fact you can avoid having the heating on so often, you will just feel cosier in a well insulated home. Any warmth generated from sun entering the home through the windows or from day to day living will be captured and will continue to warm your home, making it much less likely to suffer from cold spots.
  • Your home will earn a better energy efficiency rating. All homes are required to have an Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating before they can be sold and if you have great insulation you will get a higher rating possibly improving the value of your home.

Insulating your home is probably the single best thing you can do to improve the quality of living as it makes great financial sense. It is relatively cheap and could even be free if you contact your energy supplier. It is an easy DIY job in most cases and if you need help with your wall cavity insulation the job is quick and easy.

You will certainly wonder why you didn’t do it sooner.