What Are Uni-Blinds?

What Are Uni-Blinds?

There’s a new word that’s flying around the home and décor industry as of late and it’s getting lots of people very excited. Uni-Blinds. Everyone is talking about this revolutionary new blind system and how it can transform your home. But what exactly is it, how do they work and why is everyone going so crazy about it?

What are Uni-Blinds?

Integral blind systemUni-Blinds are like normal blinds that you find in living rooms and offices except they are installed inside your windows. Basically, they are assembled and sealed within a double glazed sealed unit, so they can never get dirty or harbour nasty bacteria.

Why are the benefits of Uniblinds

  • No longer spend hours trying to dust your blinds.
  • Block out harmful rays.
  • Protect furniture upholstery from glare of the sun.
  • Ultra-modern.

Not only can you save time and money on cleaning, but you also save money in the long-run because they cannot get damaged. Uni-Blinds are the ultimate hygienic solution and you won’t ever have to replace a broken blind again.

How do they work?

door-uni-blindWith the touch of a button you control the brightness and dullness in the room. You can create the ideal ambiance simply by operating remote control from the comfort of your chair. You can even set the blinds to open and shut on a timer so you can save hundreds of pounds on your heating bills. When it is sunny, open the blinds to heat the room and then simply close if it becomes too hot or too bright.

Child Safety In Mind

child safety blinds

These blinds are super child-friendly and safe. Normal blind chains, loops and cords are extremely dangerous with little ones because they pose a risk of entanglement but these offer complete protection for babies and toddlers. Why choose a normal blind that gets covered in dust and is a potential death trap when you can get something that stays clean forever and is installed between two sheets of glass so it eliminates the danger?

They really are a must-have integral blind system for all homeowners in the UK. And besides, why settle for just a plain, boring window covering when you can have Uni-Blinds!

Reference Source: Morley Glass.