Ways for everyone to welcome a Christmas tree into their home this festive season

Ways for everyone to welcome a Christmas tree into their home this festive season

If you live in a studio flat, house share or have a larger home but with limited space due to a large family, the stress of where to put a Christmas tree comes each year. This is a shame though as December is a time of glitter and glamour and every home should have a wonderful tree to open their gifts under come the big day. Whilst it’s true that you may not have space for a 2 metre Norwegian Spruce in your living room, there are creative and decorative solutions.

Small and perfectly formed

Trees don’t have to be the tallest in the garden centre to be beautiful. Small ones are just as seasonal and if space is really limited, there are now many table-top trees to choose from. Fake or real, decorated or ready for you to add your personal touch, there’s the chance to put trees as small as 20, 30 or 40cm high in every room of the house – and as many in each room as you can fit in.

The magic of illusionEvery room can give the wonder of Christmas

Even large homes can struggle to find a place for a tree if furniture is plentiful and there’s lots of family members living there. Think outside the living room however and there’s always a welcoming area in less traditional spaces.

Kitchens are great for a tree. Imagine sitting around the dining table with the turkey being served from the oven, the gravy bubbling away on the hob and a sparkling tree in the corner making the feeling of the biggest meal of the year even more majestic. Use the opportunity of everyone coming together to feast to top the room with a tree if one won’t fit in the living room, or perhaps a smaller second tree if you are able to spread Christmas throughout the house. Decorate with baubles which complement the kitchen colour scheme.

When is a tree is not a tree?

The bushy pine tree we all know and love is the traditional symbol of the place to hope Father Christmas has visited and left intriguingly-wrapped gifts. However, there’s nothing to say that another kind of decoration can’t be star of the show – and all you need is a wall. It’s now trendy and chic to think outside the box for a Christmas tree and some of the warmest festive homes don’t have a tree; instead they use clever ideas such as hanging a large print of a decorated tree on the wall, creating a tree shape with fairy lights, tinsel or even crepe paper, drawing a tree on a chalkboard or even an old wooden ladder which is then decorated with tinsel, shiny decorations and adorned with pine-scented candles.