Top Tips For Organising Your Garage

Top Tips For Organising Your Garage

I probably don’t need to remind you that Christmas is just around the corner, and you know what that means… more stuff to fill what little space you have left!

Of course the humble garage will have to step up – again – but isn’t it already fit to burst? Amongst the family’s bikes, that old washing machine you swear you’ll get round to selling, an array of tools, paint pots and your car …chances are you’ll be pushing it to get more in.

But don’t worry; your perfectly organised and specious new garage is just a weekend away. Put some time aside to follow these simple steps and we’ll turn chaos into order together (just in time for the onslaught of Christmas to begin!).

Where to begin…


First things first, what do you ultimately want from your garage space? Storage for the family’s belongings? Parking your car? Workspace? Maybe all of the above. You can’t organise your garage until you know what needs the room is fulfilling. If it has multiple requirements then you need to consider this when organising things. Let’s face it, you don’t want your prized car parked under the paint tins.


Let’s start with a clean slate and get everything shifted out of there. Put some rubber gloves on and empty everything out of the garage, and I do mean everything.

Freshen up

Give the empty room a proper going over with a sweeping brush and a mop. Clean the walls and shelving too – and it’s a good opportunity for a repaint if you really want it looking fresh in there.

Get rid

Before you start moving anything back in, go through what’s currently sitting on your driveway and decide what you want to keep. This is the time to put old appliances on selling sites (think of all the cash you can make to buy more ‘stuff’!), donate to charity shops and throw away old tat.

Make a plan

Now the fun can begin, your garage is your oyster! Plan where you want everything to go, draw it out if that helps you to visualise everything. Remember all that wall space too, bikes can be hung up by the garage doors for easy access, and more shelves can be added for all your DIY tools, old and new.

Divide and conquer

Organise your garage contents into relevant sections: gardening tools, DIY items, sporting equipment, and so on. Then as you move them in, use larger organisational tools to keep them tidy. Think glass jars for screws and nails; big plastic boxes with lids so you can see what’s inside; tin cans to hold paint brushes, and metal bins for long gardening equipment like hoes and rakes. Don’t forget labels so you get into the habit of keeping things in their rightful new place.

Enjoy! (But keep on top of it)

Let the family see your hard work and make sure everyone knows where their belongings have been organised – you don’t want them messing it all up again while looking for a camping stove or hedge cutters. And give your garage a quick tidy up every month or so to keep it organised, especially during a busy season like summertime when you’re in and out of it more often.