Top Tips for Creating Cool Children’s Bedrooms

Top Tips for Creating Cool Children’s Bedrooms

Most of us approach creating a kids bedroom much the same as you would approach any other room in the house. We think about the practical things like paint colour, carpet or laminate floor, size of bed etc, etc. However when creating a kids room we need to look at the emotional and developmental needs of our kids, not just the physical look of the room. For adults the bedroom is (mostly!) for sleeping in, if we’re relaxing we sit in the living room, if we’re working we go into the office and if we’re doing one of our hobbies we might be in the garage or the garden. But for a child most of their activities will be done in their room, it’s their home within your home. Therefore a kids room needs to meet many different needs, not just a room to sleep in.

Plan ahead

What will your child need from the room for the next 5 or so years? Maybe a place to read? Maybe a desk if they start to get homework, will their clothes need to fit in a wardrobe or will they still fit in drawers? You should then have a rough idea of what kind of furniture and accessories you might need.

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A kids room should be a balance of work, rest and play….with plenty of storage! Try to keep all three elements balanced and your kid will love their room and get the most out of it. For younger kids work might be a big bean-bag to sit down and read a story with Dad or for older kids it could be a desk and chair where they can do their spelling homework before dinner. The rest element is the bed, do you need bunk-beds if you’re planning on having a little brother or sister for your young one? Could you fit some storage space under the bed? Also, think about the mattress and pillows, are these of good quality and providing the support your growing child needs? The play element is vital, the bedroom needs to be a fun place but not just a play-room. What toys are you going to keep in there? Are you going to allow them to have a TV, a games console? Again think about the balance, too much play may hinder work and rest.

Storage is key

bedroom storageStorage may not quite come under the category of ‘cool’ if you ask your kids, but it’s certainly cool for Mum & Dad. Storage will make your lives easier and, though they might not show it, kids appreciate a place to keep all their treasured possessions. Tidying up after play can also be a great way to teach your kids to respect the environment around them and their possessions. You can also get creative with storage, think about the ‘dead spaces’ in the room, under the bed for example, and how you can maximise these to include storage. Ample storage will make your lives much easier and allow your kids to grow into their room.

If you’re short of space then it’s really important to utilise all available space fully. Loft beds are a great way of getting the most out of small spaces as they free up room underneath the bed. This means you can easily make a work area or a cosy sitting space or use this for additional storage. Room to Grow do range of children’s loft beds so you can find something to suit your space.


Don’t fall into the trap of kitting the room out in your kids latest craze, whether it be Dinosaurs, Spiderman or Football a full livery of wall paper, bed spreads and posters will be hard to change when they move onto something new. A cool room can quickly become an embarrassing room for kids once they move onto the next craze. Therefore we suggest indulging their latest favourite thing by using easy to change accessories; a duvet cover is much easier to strip than wall paper! It maybe tempting to go with what your kid is going mad for at the time, especially with some not-so-subtle pressure from them, but trust us it’s worth sticking to your guns and keeping the main décor neutral and feed their fave frenzy with a few choice accessories.

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Ultimately the coolest room for kids will reflect your kid’s personality, and this doesn’t mean just plastering the walls with their favourite Disney characters! Your kid may love to take themselves away and get lost in a great book, then you can provide the tools to do this, a comfortable place to sit with good lighting and a nice bookcase to store all their tomes. Some kids may love to indulge their imagination by playing ‘shops’ or tea-parties then you could include a play-tent and storage chest for all their props. The coolest kids rooms will be created with them in mind, to suit not only their needs but their personalities.