Top kitchen trends for 2016

Top kitchen trends for 2016

With the New Year fully underway and the traditional repainting and freshening up season upon us, now is the time to start thinking about the direction to take your kitchen in terms of colour and style. We may not change our kitchens very often, so it makes good sense to choose a style that will work for many years ahead, or one that can be updated easily. The following trends have been highlighted as being hot for this coming year and will put you one step ahead of the rest.

Keep it soft and muted

While the white kitchen will always be popular, those of us who prefer to avoid brighter colours should now consider more muted shades. These include soft charcoals, greys and pale blues, greens and even pinks. The latest thing in this range are the tinted whites with hints of icy blue or soft greens. Put these against lighter natural wood worktops and floors and you have a kitchen look that is calming and perfect for adding light to even the darkest space.

Get high tech

The kitchen is not only the hub of the home, it is also the place where we do homework, watch the TV, go on our laptop and expect all the modern appliances and conveniences. So it is essential that you consider the future when you are designing your kitchen. Remember the charging points, the spaces for TV screens and the extra space for designer coffee machines and steam ovens. Don’t skimp now, because in a few years these things will be standard.

Guess what? The 80’s are back!

Remember the days when everything was glitzy and glamorous and big shoulders were all the rage? Well some of that elegance is making a comeback. Think mirrored tiles, brass fittings and high gloss everywhere. But give it a 21st century reboot by adding in natural materials such as wood to soften the look and bring it up to date. Metallics are also making a comeback as a part of this 80’s thing. So brass taps, pendant lights and kitchen door handles will complete the look.

Keep it simple

Plain kitchens are still very popular and especially when it comes to the kitchen cupboards. Even more traditional kitchens are stepping away from the fussy mouldings and over the top detailing. Just a high quality, plain slab fronted kitchen cabinet will work perfectly and can be easily updated with accessories as you wish. Every year you can get a new look and not need to replace your kitchen doors – that is the joy of plainer, clean lines.

So these are few ideas to get you going. But of course, we have a 100 years of fitted kitchens to draw on for inspiration so take the ideas that you like from previous decades and see what you can make work in your own home.