Tips For A Modern And Beautiful Bathroom

Tips For A Modern And Beautiful Bathroom

Bathrooms are often the first room that we visit after crawling out of bed in the morning and our last point of call before jumping back into bed in the evening. Primarily, a bathroom must be functional and accommodating, but it can also be refreshingly modern. We’ve compiled a list of our top three tips for a fresh, innovative and contemporary bathroom.

White And Wood

Modern BathroomUnlike the busy nature of a kitchen, a bathroom can provide a sense of complete calm and domestic relaxation. The choice of colour scheme can certainly have an impact on this. Neutral and appeasing colours such as whites, creams and greys can help your bathroom look spa-like in a simple manner.

Implementing lighter coloured wood into your bathroom can break up the monotony of pale wall shades and stark white bathtubs, showers and sinks. Dabney Frake, projects editor for Apartment Therapy, articulates that ‘Hardwood floors (or walls) provide the warmth, but the white is all clean and modern.’

Clean And Contemporary Ceilings

Bathroom CeilingA bathroom ceiling may not be the initial factor that we take into consideration when decorating or renovating the washroom. However, the can have an enormous impact on the look and feel of any room. This year’s trend focuses on the idea of ‘light and bright’ designs and this also extends to ceilings. A fantastic suggestion for how to implement this contemporary trend into your bathroom is to use ceiling panels. Whether your bathroom is wonderfully tranquil or bold and quirky, ceiling panels can fit effortlessly into your design.

Ideal for bathrooms, these panels do not perish due to mould and damp. However, if you’re used to an extendable roller and a paint pot, you will want to use a specialist in fitting ceiling panels. For example, UK based DBS Bathrooms are specialists in decorative and hygienic ceiling panels. Whether you’re planning a remodel or would like to implement ceiling tiles into your existing bathroom, their expert team can provide assistance with which colour, finish and style would be best.

A Touch Of Luxury

Luxury BathroomBathrooms are often the home of relaxation and impeccable luxury. However, they are often the smallest room in the house, and so the interior must be carefully chosen in order to successfully enhance the space.

If your idea of bliss is a long and nourishing soak in the bathtub, then perhaps it’s time to consider a free standing bath. Positioning a bathtub in the centre of the room is not only the epitome of luxury, but also an effective way of opening up the space around it.

If you’re stuck for space and all you really need is a productive rinse in the mornings and before bed, perhaps it’s time to introduce a more generous shower area. Leaving room for the toilet, a sink and the essential storage, you can purpose the majority of the room with a larger and more comfortable shower. Replacing the shower curtain with glass doors and implementing ceiling mounting rain heads can open up even the smallest spaces as well as add a touch of clean-cut luxury.