Think you can ‘Do It Yourself’? So did these guys…

Think you can ‘Do It Yourself’? So did these guys…

The 1990s was synonymous with many things: Brit pop; rave culture; awful fashion. It also saw the emergence of dozens of home interior and property renovation TV shows, with the likes of Changing Rooms and Garden Force, convincing millions of British home owners that all you needed to transform your house was some MDF and a spirit level.

However this over confidence in our own ability to perform even the most basic of tasks has led many of us down the path of the DIY fail, where wreck and ruin lay ahead – as well as a considerable amount of pain.

It is best to employ the help of a professional when it comes to complex home projects – even when they seem like they should be easy – to make sure you avoid ending up like one of this lot…

What goes up, must come down

If you’re planning on carrying out work on your roof then it is probably a good idea to make sure you actually know how to climb down a ladder before you climb up it. That’s the problem this poor chap had when he found himself stuck without any ideas of what to do for a minute and a half, which although doesn’t sound too long, probably feels like a lifetime when you’re being mocked and filmed by your friends.

“This is really not a good time to be filming, James.”

No this really isn’t a good time to be filming, but apparently it’s not a good idea to be trying to carry out DIY plumbing either. Unless, of course, you’re trying to install a very small, very shallow swimming pool in the downstairs bathroom.

He signs off the video with a request for ‘loads of towels’. How about a plumber as well?

Well the snow’s cleared…

We’ve not had any significant snowfall in the UK yet this winter, but if we do, it might need to be cleared from a roof that you’re worried can’t take the weight. We’d suggest not trying to do it yourself like this guy, although having said that, we suppose he actually does a pretty good job in the end! And nice dismount, sir.

Drill problems

How hard can it be to drill some nails into the wall? Surely it doesn’t get any easier than that? Well tell that to these guys.

The guy in charge of the drill had never used one before apparently – perhaps it should have stayed that way. We like how they keep saying how they’re pretty sure it isn’t right. No, it is definitely not right, but credit for trying to attach the handle to the wall anyway.

Watch out for that brick!

We’re back out on the roof again (why do people keep insisting on going up there?!) and this time we’re just doing a spot of tidying. What can possibly go wrong? Oh right…

Not only does he cave his roof in he almost loses the ability to have children. Another DIY success then.

So after watching these DIYers are you still tempted to cut corners and do it yourself? Why not save yourself the time and potential personal injury and simply call in the experts?

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