Garden buildings have been a firm feature in many gardens for decades now. However, we’ve moved on from the presence of a simple garden shed. Now it’s possible to enjoy all kinds of garden rooms depending on what you want to achieve.

We’ve highlighted five of the most common options below, so you can decide which one would be ideal for your garden.

Garden Room Extensions

A garden room extension could be just what you need to open up your property and blur the line between indoors and outdoors. Garden room extensions are part of the fabric of your property, so they provide you with another practical room to enjoy. Oftentimes they have large doors and windows, and you can even have large sliding doors installed to open up one entire wall to the outdoors.

Garden room extension costs will depend on the size and complexity of the room you require. A small and relatively simple room will clearly be cheaper than a large room designed to accommodate a larger kitchen area, for example.

Projects are usually priced per square foot. The exact price will depend on the area you live in and the complexity of the job.

As a rough guide expect to pay upwards of £100 per square foot. At the upper end of the market you could pay more than double this.

Log Cabins

Fancy a garden room but you’d rather have it sited away from the house? Log cabins provide a rustic and appealing answer.

These cabins start from around £1,000 for the cabin alone. You can buy kits and go down the DIY route or hire someone to erect the cabin for you.

Garden log cabins are appealing thanks to their wooden exterior. You can paint or stain them if desired, and they come in all sizes as well. Some of them have a porch or veranda out the front or a decking area, providing a little shade or somewhere to sit in the warmer weather.

It’s worth considering how you will use your log cabin before choosing the one you want. Size obviously matters but the interior layout will be crucial too. Log cabins can be ideal for storage, for use as a home office and also as a relaxation space. Which option would you choose?

Garden Studios

Can you imagine working in a garden studio? For some people it provides the perfect solution to enable them to work from home. For others, garden offices mean there is a clear divide between home life and working life. You can shut the door on your garden office at the end of the day and complete the short commute up the garden path and back in the house!

As with all other garden rooms, garden office buildings come in a variety of sizes. They can have large windows to the front or to the sides (or both) to ensure you’ll get plenty of light flooding in. It’s also common to see large doors so in the summer you can fling them open and enjoy your office space while feeling as if you’re enjoying the garden too. And of course since these spaces can be heated, they’re also just as practical for use in the winter.

A good quality garden studio will set you back anything from around £3,000 upwards, not including installation.

Size and quality (as is the case with every type of garden building) will play a role too. You’ll also need to consider your budget for kitting out the interior. Everything from blinds to a computer to an office desk will need to be priced up so you get the perfect garden office for your needs.

Summer Houses

Ah, summer houses… these garden buildings are among the most delightful and affordable ones you can have. They’re really a variation on the humble shed, turning that type of building into something very far removed from somewhere to store the lawn mower.

The smallest size summer house you can buy is usually around 6’ x 4’. They then increase in size all the way up to around 12’ x 10’. The key feature is typically double doors to the front, opening up the space so you can enjoy using it to sit in the shade, read a book or simply look out into the garden. Some will have a small overhang on the roof to provide more shade, while others have an additional decking area to the front. This is something you can add yourself if need be, to make the summer house even more appealing.

You will also find octagonal summer houses alongside the traditional oblong-shaped ones. These often have windows all the way around, letting in the maximum amount of light.

Prices start from less than £300, meaning you can definitely get a good quality and sizeable summer house for well under £1,000.

Garden Pods

If you want something truly modern and unusual, a garden pod could be just what you’re after. The pod is quite easy to spot since it is usually uber-modern and circular or oval in shape. In some cases it may have a completely flat base but a domed roof that curves around to touch the floor on either side.

Garden pods are made from a variety of materials. Some are made from modern metal and glass, while others are made from wood to give a more rustic appearance.

The price varies considerably depending on the size and construction, but you’re almost certainly looking at several thousand pounds for something of good quality.

You also have to factor in the base since a hard standing will almost certainly be required. The cost can also vary depending on whether you can opt for the DIY route or whether professional installation is required.

So… which garden room would make the most sense for you to have? Are you looking for a home office or simply somewhere to enjoy a quiet moment of solitude? Whatever you’re after, the solution lies somewhere in the options given above.