Every garden can be transformed from a dull overgrown space into something amazing. The trick is knowing how you can go from one to the other.

In truth there are plenty of ways this can be done. You can find garden design ideas everywhere you look, from gardening magazines to online guides and even through to your neighbour’s garden!

Playing with numerous gardening ideas

It’s easier to sketch out ideas as they come to you rather than putting the first one you think of into action. You can start by measuring your garden and drawing up a scale plan of it. Make a few photocopies and then focus on how you can work with the space you have.

Obviously you’ll need to think about planting but there are other more permanent things you need to consider as well. Fencing provides a nice boundary but hedges can provide an alternate solution if you wish. Decking can raise an area of the garden for use as a patio, or you could opt for paving instead.

Even if you spot a plan in a magazine or you like the look of your neighbour’s garden, you don’t have to copy it exactly. Think about which elements you like and which ones you’d rather ditch. What would work for you? Could you make other changes to really make your garden work for you?

What do you want to use your garden for?

This is a crucial question to ask before you start making any changes. Do you want somewhere to entertain friends and family? Maybe some nice garden furniture or a barbecue area would be ideal if this is the case. Do you want to entertain into the evening, or simply have a quiet corner where you can sit and read on long summer nights as the sun goes down? Invest in some garden lighting to provide the look – and the light – you need.

On the other hand you might have kids to think about. In this case a large lawn will be good, and your main garden features could be a swing and a slide! Even if this is the case you can still preserve an area just for you to enjoy. Figure this into your plans to make sure you can get the desired results.

It’s very often the garden accessories that can make all the difference, regardless of how laid-back or ambitious your plans are. Maybe the odd garden ornament, from a famous gnome to a bird table, could be the finishing touch you’re looking for. They also reveal something about your character.

Yet perhaps the best thing about any garden is its ability to grow, mature and enhance your life as it develops. Plants grow and spread, while others bear fruit. You might even decide to include a small vegetable plot in your garden so you can start growing all manner of veggies for your kitchen table.

As you can see, your garden really is what you make it.