The benefits of upgrading to a solid conservatory roof

The benefits of upgrading to a solid conservatory roof

After you have settled into your new glass roof conservatory and begun to enjoy all the benefits it brings to your home and lifestyle you may still be experiencing one or two issues. Depending on the time of year it may feel too hot to relax inside, or even too cold, which can lead to unexpectedly high heating bills. Cleaning the roof may also prove to be problematic as the glass is not always easily accessible.
The best solution available is to change to a solid conservatory roof which allows for year round use, better temperature control and much more. Below we list the benefits of upgrading to a solid conservatory roof to help you get a clearer idea of how this transformation can add the finishing touch.

Lower energy bills

With so much invested into your conservatory it is always great to see a return on investment if possible. The time and money that has been spent getting everything right inside for you to use it all year round means you will feel even better if you could enjoy the financial benefits it can bring too.
Installing a solid roof in a conservatory ensures that during the colder months of the year your bills will be lower when compared to a polycarbonate or glass roof. Heat rises in any space and the use of these materials enables heat to escape quite too easily. During the winter the glass struggles badly to retain the heat, so you have to spend more to keep re-heating the conservatory.
By installing a solid roof more heat is retained within the conservatory, meaning you rely on the heating system far less, allowing you to reap the benefits when the quarterly bill arrives looking far more affordable.

Noise reduction

The British weather can be the bane of all our lives no matter what time of the year it may be. The weathermen promise wonderful weather and before we know it we are running for cover as the heavens open up above us.
One of the problems that come with softer conservatory roofs is the noise you hear above your head when it rains. It’s great to be protected from getting wet while still enjoying the scenery outside, but the constant banging against the material can drive you to distraction.
Solid roofs avoid that problem, significantly reducing the noise level so it is no longer an annoyance, allowing you to get back to the important job of relaxing in comfort.

Non-stop use

Another thing that can frustrate conservatory owners is the limited use of the space throughout the year. The rest of the house is pretty much abandoned during the spring and summer as the family fight for the best seats in the conservatory but when it comes to the winter, it can become a cold and empty place.
Installing a solid roof changes all of that and allows you to make use of your conservatory whenever you want. This benefit very much comes hand-in-hand with an increase in energy efficiency that also lowers your bills. With a solid roof in place and sustained heating, the family will feel far more comfortable relaxing in the conservatory during autumn and winter, taking in the wonderful seasons as they change.

Seamless extension

Adding a solid roof to your conservatory also creates a more natural looking extension to your property. Conservatories do look amazing when they are finished but glass roofs can make the space stand out from the building it is attached to.
Whether your house is a new build or from the Victorian or Edwardian period, there is a solid conservatory roof solution to suit your home. Rather than looking like an extension that has been bolted on, the conservatory will now seem as if it has always been part of the property.

Improved temperature control

As well as helping to retain the heat during the winter, a solid roof helps to reduce the intensity of the sun during the summer. As uncomfortable as it can be in the winter when the temperature drops, it can sometimes feel even worse during the summer.
A glass conservatory roof can magnify the heat it is receiving, especially during the hottest parts of the day, making it almost impossible to sit and relax.
Once in place, a solid roof becomes an extremely effective heat shield that ensures the temperature becomes far more bearable to live in. Although the installation of a solid roof over a glass roof will mean you will lose some of the intake of light, this can be compensated by adding Velux-style windows into the structure.

Increased property value

Where you live will depend on how much extra value a solid conservatory roof will add to your home. Either way, because you are creating a more aesthetically pleasing extension to your home, potential buyers will view this more favourably.

This also helps you to see a return on not only the money spent adapting a conservatory roof to feature a solid material, but you may also get back some of the money spent on building the extension.
Added features to any home are always a great selling point for potential buyers and a solid conservatory roof can help to add a substantial amount to the final selling price.

These are just some of the many benefits a solid conservatory roof can add your home. Replacing a glass or polycarbonate roof is not as expensive as you might believe and with the added value it brings to your property it serves as a long term investment that provides tangible financial returns, whether you plan to sell your property or not.

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