The Average Price Of A Conservatory

The Average Price Of A Conservatory

Within certain parameters it is possible to spend almost as much or as little on your conservatory as you want. It entirely depends on your budget, the look and specifications you are going for and the size that you would like. The options are almost endless and the extras you can add can push up the price significantly – even after the initial build is done. So getting to the average conservatory price is tricky, but it is certainly possible to estimate based on your particular needs.

Low budget conservatory

If you don’t have much money to spend and are handy with a drill and spade you can buy an off the shelf conservatory for around £2,500 from any one of the larger High Street DIY stores. This does not include the ground works which will involve digging out foundations and preparing a concrete base. You should allow a few hundred more to do this. But to get you to a basic stage you could certainly have your conservatory in place for less than £4,000.

Standard conservatories

Most companies will quote around £6,000 to £10,000 for a standard conservatory that fits into their bulk window size ranges. If you can keep it under the right size to avoid planning permission these types of conservatories can go up quickly. If you choose to have a brick dwarf wall built, the price will be at the upper end of this range, while full glass will be cheaper.

High end conservatory

If price is no object, you can easily spend £20,000 + on a large and detailed conservatory for your home. You can opt for a full timber framed building with beams and wooden sash type windows or you might want one that is structured in such as way as it needs many different made to measure windows. These look amazing and it really is possible to see where the money has been spent. At this end of the market you are getting an additional room to your home, rather than an extension that may not be suitable for year round use.

The extras

While you may be able to afford the building and construction of your conservatory, it is worth noting that the costs don’t stop there. You are likely to need most if not all of the following additional extras:

  • Flooring – wood, tiles or even carpeting
  • Heating – radiators involving extra plumbing work or underfloor heating
  • Electrics – this needs to be done professionally
  • Furniture – a conservatory needs to be carefully furnished with items that do not mind the changes in temperature
  • Window dressing – designed to keep the sun out in the summer and heat in during the winter. These can add up as conservatories are rarely a standard window size and require special fittings.

So no matter what your budget, it is possible to get a conservatory. From £2,000 to £20,000 and more, all options are available to you depending on your bank balance and your taste.