Spring Cleaning SOS: A Guide to Sprucing Up Your Home

Spring Cleaning SOS: A Guide to Sprucing Up Your Home

Perhaps spring cleaning is the vestige of an old nesting instinct, or perhaps a reaction to the new shoots of life breaking into the natural world after the doldrums of winter, or it may just be that the weather is finally warm enough to throw open windows and doors. Whatever the root of it, many of us find that the advent of spring is the ideal time to give our homes a thorough clean.

The prospect might be daunting, but if you just take it in simple steps, spring cleaning can be a breeze – and here is our survival guide for making it through the transition:

Make a plan

Don’t feel like you have to tackle the whole house from top to bottom in a single go; formulate a plan and don’t overwhelm yourself. You could go from room to room, prioritising certain areas like the cluttered garage, or spare room that you’ve been meaning to tackle for years.

spring cleaning plan

Alternatively, arrange by task, such as cleaning the woodwork, vacuuming or sorting bric-a-brac into ‘keep’, ‘charity shop’ and ‘junk’ piles.

Stock up on supplies

Once you’ve started, you won’t want to be going back to the shop every couple of hours for different cleaning products and materials. Make a list of what you’ll need – antibacterial sprays, bleach, polishes – and get them all in one go. Don’t forget cloths, sponges and the like while you’re there.

Make sure your appliances are up to it

dyson vacuumYour vacuum cleaner will probably be your greatest ally during spring cleaning. If you have lost suction, or it otherwise isn’t operating at its best, it may be time to service the machine or replace it with a new one. You can find vacuum cleaners at coopelectricalshop.co.uk if you fancy a new model and there are plenty of interesting designs that boast new features, which provide superior results.

One thing to remember when doing a thorough spring clean is that vacuuming should probably be left until other tasks are completed. Dusting shelves, light fittings and other areas that are not regularly cleaned will only generate more muck and dust and there’s no point vacuuming twice.

Similarly, clear out any junk before the vacuuming starts, otherwise you’ll only have to revisit the room. Don’t forget the dust bunnies that are prone to form under furniture and in the corner of rooms, particularly those with hard wood floors.

Get out the brushes

You might think you already have enough to do, but applying a fresh lick of paint to even a small area, such as woodwork or single wall, can completely invigorate a room with very little effort. If you’re already clearing junk and moving furniture, it could be the ideal time to complete such a task and get everything looking spick and span.

Guest post by Co-op Electrical