Show your personality through your home asthetic

Show your personality through your home asthetic

With so many decorating ideas shown on TV, online and in glossy magazines it shouldn’t be a problem finding the right design style that suits you. The experts make it look incredibly easy to achieve the home of your dreams but the reality can prove to be somewhat different. Not everyone has a natural flair for design and if it is the first time you’ve tried to plan your décor it can get a little confusing.

Decorating is a personal process you need to get right so you are not left living in an environment you don’t feel comfortable in. If you are not sure how to choose your home’s aesthetic style, take a look at our suggestions below to get some inspiration.

What are your interests?

We spend so much time in our home it is important that not only the aesthetic looks pleasing to the eye but it reflects part of who you are. Using your interests as a start point can be a great way to get some inspiration for the décor that will fit in seamlessly with your personality and the things you enjoy.

This doesn’t have to mean painting murals on the wall to depict your favourite hobby. Think about your passions in life and the things that you confidently know your tastes and style in. For example, you probably know the type of clothes you like to wear. Are you expressive, or do you prefer minimal colours? This will help you direct the types of colour schemes you can pick out.

Use your immediate environment

If the interior of our homes are a reflection of who we are, then the surrounding environment outside our property can speak just as loudly. If you have picked out a house in a quiet part of suburbia near to the countryside, live close to the coastline or prefer to be in the heartbeat of the city, there is inspiration all around that you can tap into.

A walk around your local neighbourhood and take note of your neighbour’s style and anything that catches your eye. If you are a fan of traditional architecture you may prefer a vintage look in your home, using neutral or muted colours as a colour base for one or more of the rooms. Countryside homes work well with rural styles while you may opt for a modern, contemporary look for city dwelling.

Stick to the things you like

Strangely it can be harder thinking of the things you do like compared to those that you don’t. With that in mind, turn your thinking on its a little to make a list of the styles and designs you are not a fan of. This will help slim down the list of options very quickly as you will probably already know the types of décor that put you off.

This will ensure you avoid making risky purchases in the heat of the moment that you may regret later on. If you start to shop without knowing your style it is easy to make choices that can end up being costly and waste a lot of time. Once you know what you don’t like, you can start narrowing down from the options that are left.

Create different colour schemes

It’s unlikely you will want to use the same colour palette across every room of the home so starting in one place can help you find inspiration for other areas of the home. Think about what the room will be used for, how often, by whom and the overall structure of the space. For example, is there enough natural daylight coming into the room? If not, you will want to avoid dark colours to help keep it as bright as possible.

Bathrooms typically feature brighter, neutral colours or light blues and greens to create a coral-style ambience in the room. Alternatively, you may wish to start in the kitchen where you can base the décor around the type of fixtures and fittings you own, either blending them together or creating a contrast between the two.

Take inspiration from your favourite places

Rather than using your local environment as a source of inspiration, perhaps you want to create a haven that enables you to shut off completely from the world outside. Remember the places you have visited throughout your life and those you can vividly recall and think about what it is about them you enjoy. It could be anything from a holiday abroad to the colours of your favourite restaurant.

Using this method will remove you from thinking within the boundaries of your lifestyle and budget and allow you to explore your creativity. There are no limits to where we can take our influences from and your list of favourite places will no doubt prove to be long and extremely helpful.

Even if you are stuck on what style to choose you can see how much inspiration is sitting all around you waiting to be explored. Try not to overthink the situation and take a few steps back and start again if you are going nowhere fast. Take one room or colour at a time and before you know it you’ll have a clear aesthetic for your home that you can’t wait to get started on.