Adding an extension can help raise your home’s value, but there is a danger that it will put an added strain on your heating budget. Renewable energy resources are an effective means of bringing down your heating bills, making your home more energy efficient, and ensuring that you are less reliant on depleting and expensive fossil fuels. In this section you will find information on the various microgeneration technologies available to you, and the financial incentives on offer from the UK government.

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What is renewable energy?

In short, renewable energy is that which is continually replenished. Fossil fuels like gas and coal can only be used once and then they are gone, transformed into harmful carbon emissions. Energy from a renewable source can be used again and again at no cost to the earth’s resources, and consequently at less overall expense to the consumer. Examples of renewable energy are solar power, wind turbines, heat pumps which collect warmth from the ground and the air, and plants grown for fuel as with biomass systems.

Financial incentives for generating your own energy

Increasingly, people are keen to end their dependence on power stations and fossil fuels, and have taken to generating their own power by means of renewable energy. Keen to nurture such private initiatives, the UK government’s Department of Energy and Climate Change is currently offering a range of financial incentives.

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The Feed-in Tariff is designed to create a revenue stream for those who generate their own power with photovoltaic solar panels or wind turbines. To encourage the take up of heat generation technologies like solar water heating, air and ground source heat pumps and wood-fuelled heating, the Renewable Heat Incentive’s payment scheme is currently offering grants to offset the costs of installation. Furthermore the Green Deal is a new initiative which provides homeowners with a loan to pay for the installation for energy saving technologies which is then paid back via the home’s energy bills.

If you have decided to go ahead and install a renewable energy technology in your home, the Renewable Energy Buying Guide provides information and links for the various government agencies and microgeneration take-up schemes.

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