Redecorating Your Home: Top Ten DIY Tips

Redecorating Your Home: Top Ten DIY Tips

Are you thinking of redecorating your home but are unsure about the financial costs associated with such a commitment? By following these top ten DIY tips, you can freshen up the place and achieve a whole new look without going over budget:
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1. Paint the door

front doorFirst impressions are important, we all know that. The first thing we see of someone’s home is the front door, yet this area is often one of the most neglected.

You can freshen up the look of your home just by giving your front door a lick of paint. Either give it another coat of the same paint to tidy it up or change the colour to help your house stand out from the crowd.

2. Create a feature wall

feature wall

Feature walls are a great way to create a completely new look without changing too much or spending a large amount of money. Wallpapering an entire room is expensive, but putting your focus on just one wall will add a new dimension to the room and ensure you stay within your budget. Image source:

3. Add a rug


If your lounge is looking a bit empty or cold, but you’re unsure about what would help to add a touch of personality, try adding a rug. This will add some colour and warmth to your living room. Image source:

4. Improve storage

bedroom storage

It’s easy to allow your clutter to take over your home when you live in it every day, but with some convenient storage solutions, like the one above from Betta Living, you could have everything close to hand without it being constantly on show. Wall shelving, bookshelves, drawers and TV units are all great ways to hide your belongings.

5. Hang up bold artwork

bold artwork

If you have a room that is quite bare, hanging some over-sized artwork will create a whole new look and feel. It’s also a great way to introduce bright, bold colours without them being permanent. Image source:

6. Upcycle

upcycled suitcase

If you have time on your hands, upcycling is a really fun way to create artwork, ornaments or even furniture for your home. Instead of recycling your waste, try turning it into a feature for your home. Image source: Atomic Attic

7. Tidy up the bathroom

tiled bathroom

The grout between the tiles can become off-colour, making even the cleanest bathrooms look dirty and unkempt. Maintaining it just a couple of times a year will make a huge difference. If it still looks a little tired, just add another coat of grout for a finish that is notably easy on the eye. Image source:

8. Replace tired carpet with laminate


After a few years, even luxurious carpets start to look tired, so why not create a desirable finish with laminate flooring? This tongue and groove style flooring is simple enough for just about anyone to do. (Read our guide on how to lay laminate flooring) You will need to get the correct underlay and tools before starting the job.

9. Add a mirror

decorative mirror

Are you fed up of being stuck for space? Add a large mirror to small rooms to make them feel much lighter and bigger overall. Image source:

10. Revitalise your sofa

cushions on a sofa

Your sofa is often a major purchase that you don’t expect to replace very often. However, they can start to look quite dated and tired after a while. Stitch together some new cushion covers and add a bit of extra foam to bring that sofa back to life.