Planning Permission Series: Do I need planning permission for a garden wall

Planning Permission Series: Do I need planning permission for a garden wall

When you decide to build an extension on your home there’s a very good chance that there may be additional garden landscaping work that will need to be completed, to fit in with the change of shape. In particular you will want to erect a fence or wall between your home and your neighbours that will accommodate the new addition. In most cases planning permission won’t be required, but there are some circumstances where you should double check with your council.

You may/will need Planning Permission if:

Your fence, gate or wall will be more than 1 metre high and is next to the road or footpath.
Your fence is over 2 metres high and is erected anywhere on your property.
Your deeds suggest that you are not allowed to erect fences, gates or walls on your property.
You live in a listed house or in a conservation area.
The fence, wall or gate shares a boundary with any other property that happens to be listed.

What if i just want to remove a fence or wall?

Planning Permission is not needed for the removal of walls or fences or for when you are replacing those that are already there. But you must not replace them with anything higher. However if you live in a conservation area you may need permission to alter the look of your fence or gate.

Bushes or hedges?

Usually Planning Permission will not be needed for hedges unless your deeds include a covenant that restricts them. This might be the case if they were to restrict the sightlines of drivers or pedestrians.

Building regulations

While needing Planning Permission is rare for gates, walls and fences, you may need building regulations approval. In particular this applies to the Party Wall Act which states that shared fences and walls should come under its remit. Additionally your walls or fence should be suitable for its purposes and correctly constructed to prevent collapse. Buildings regulations officers will want to check masonry walls to ensure they will not pose harm to the public (or to yourself!).

While this may seem like more red tape when it comes to building an extension, getting the look of nearby walls and fences right will ensure that the overall look and feel of your new home will be exactly as you had dreamed.