Patio Room Case Study from Gordon Wilson of The Patio Room Company

Patio Room Case Study from Gordon Wilson of The Patio Room Company

The Patio Room is a new type of home extension/conservatory, suitable for self-builders if required, which has been created by architect, Gordon Wilson.

Gordon has a world-expertise in conservatory design (his designs include the Princess of Wales Conservatory at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew). He wanted a conservatory for his own house. However, its low roof effectively precluded a traditional, glazed-roof conservatory and this need generated the design challenge.

The problem was that the existing house eaves had insufficient height to accommodate a shallow-slope, lean-to conservatory roof. A reverse slope to a box-gutter would have looked unsatisfactory, as would any solution that kept the existing roof intact, because of the small space available (the eaves projected nearly .5m and there was only a maximum 2.5m room depth available from the house wall).

Cutting into the existing eaves was the only practical option, but roof-glazing in this context would have looked unsatisfactory. Gordon saw the benefits of creating a solid roof, as well as giving it a projecting profile to match the existing roof. There was no solid-roof conservatory on the market that suited either the height or the appearance required, so the way forward was clear.

Gordon decided on a DIY route, basing his design on simple, timber construction techniques and user-friendly materials. Self-builders can always get help from a local trades-person for mixing/pouring the concrete base and for laying bricks, if required.

Some physical assistance was required for lifting the frames (definitely a 2-person activity) and for fixing the ceiling boards. Otherwise, the installation was carried out by Gordon working alone.

However, Health & Safety legislation does require that a person working alone has a safe system of working, including having available help at all times.

The new, design solution has proved very satisfactory, producing a Garden Room with stunning looks – a projecting eaves profile over continuous tall windows – that are impressive in small scale spaces

The solid, insulated roof makes using the living space a comfortable experience – it is cool in summer and warm in winter, more so than a traditional glazed-roof conservatory

Gordon believes that the Patio Room represents greater value than a traditional conservatory of equivalent size. It is more like a house extension than an add-on structure, in both use and appearance.

Now, with minor design modifications so that a variety of existing eaves heights and profiles can be matched, the Patio Room is has become a development ‘package’, backed up with technical /professional support, available to the wider UK market.