Moving versus extending: which is right for you?

Moving versus extending: which is right for you?

If your family has outgrown your current home, there are two main options open to you: extend or move.

Often this decision can be a difficult one, with both options potentially involving disruption, financial strain and anxiety. However with the chance of obtaining your dream home, once you’ve made your decision your life could become a whole lot easier.


mortgagesOn average the cost of moving from a two to a three-bedroom house is around £60,000 and the price of going from a three to a four-bedroom house is a staggering £113,000. Though this will of course depend on which part of the country you live in, when you compare it to the average cost of extending – around £22,000 – the difference speaks for itself.


water feature

Your ability to extend will vary according to the position of your home, whether you’ve got an attic to convert and whether you’ve got outside space to build on. If you are planning on taking some of your outside space to build on, you might want to look into landscape gardening ideas to make the most of the garden that remains.


home locationA big part of this decision will normally rest on whether or not you’re happy with your home’s current location. If not, moving will be less of a wrench and could be beneficial to your family however if your kids are settled at local schools and your house is in a good position for your work then extending will give you the extra room you need without forcing you to uproot.


One of the best things about extending is that it allows you to choose exactly how you’re going to use the space thus allowing you to build a large master bedroom with en-suite, a pair of kids’ rooms, an extra bathroom or pretty much anything else that your family needs. When looking for a new property, you might be lucky enough to find one that fits your requirements but you won’t be able to mould it to your needs.

Before making the decision to move or extend, you should always follow some thorough cleaning tips in order to give yourself the chance to appraise your home when it’s clutter free and looking great. Sometimes it’s hard to see through the clutter and by cleaning your home you may be able to see the potential that lies beneath.

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