Minimalist living in a busy household

Minimalist living in a busy household

Surely it is a contradiction in terms – minimalism and a busy house. If you have kids, hobbies, relatives and friends popping in and all the traps of a busy life then you just have to wait for minimalism until your life is calmer. Well, with the right attitude it really is possible to achieve minimalism in even the busiest of household and it is easier than you might think.

Minimalism with kids

Kids have a lot of stuff…they seem to be born with it. Toys, books, nursery equipment, car seats, prams and endless supplies of clothes and odd socks. Despite this mountain of gear, you can have an ordered house.

Keep everything in its place by buying and using toy crates, lidded boxes, large cupboards and shelves. Wherever possible make sure there are doors and lids on everything so the contents cannot be seen. A pile of attractive wooden boxes could be hiding all kinds of chaos.

Make use of the garage or shed for things like prams and car seats and other baby paraphernalia.

Kids rooms should be their domain. Encourage children to keep their things in their rooms and just close the door on it. That’s a simple approach that really works.

Minimalism when you work long hours

Strangely, the less time you spend in your home to more stuff seems to find its way onto your surfaces. Because you are tired and feel disorganised you will tend to just leave things where they land. But a simple ten minute clean up each morning before you leave the house can fix that. You know you will return to a perfect home and you will be inspired to keep it that way.

Or make the most of the income you are earning to hire a cleaner…

Minimalism when you have lots of visitors

If your home is minimalist even the thought of people coming and spreading their stuff around could fill you with fear. But you can entertain without stress by being organised. Have a specific place for coats and bags that is behind a door, supply your guests with comfy slippers so their shoes don’t mess up your carpet and have a guest supply of extras that you only bring out when they arrive. This will include towels, bedding, extra crockery and glasses and these can all be put away when not needed so you don’t take up extra space.

Whatever you do not make your life smaller just because you want to be minimalist. Fill it with people and things to do, just be organised about it. Think storage and space and you will be heading in the right direction.