Making Your Home More Energy Efficient for Free

Making Your Home More Energy Efficient for Free

Many of us would like to do our bit to save energy throughout the home but cannot afford the high tech equipment. However, not only do solar panels and wind turbines cost significantly less than they used to, and are therefore far more affordable to help home energy efficiency on a significant scale, but there are also a number of ways to save energy without spending a penny!

In this latest post, we run through some free-to-do home energy efficiency tips which, used in conjunction with other green tech like solar panels, can contribute to massively reducing both your carbon footprint and your utility bills.


save a flushMany of us don’t have any idea how much water we actually use on a day to day basis. If you are on a fixed rate tariff and are paying a large amount each year for your water bill then you could benefit from changing to a water meter. Many people have saved hundreds of pounds each year from switching and are able to control their bills by monitoring how much water they use and making small changes. For example, if there are a large amount of families in your area, yet you live alone or just with your partner, then you’ll likely find your water rates significantly reduced by paying for what you actually use – rather than just the fixed rate.

There are also many helpful products that are available free and can help save the amount of water that you are using. Severn Trent Water, for example, is able to supply a number of products including shower timers and Save-a-Flush. These can be delivered to your home for free – you just simply order online and soon you will be enjoying four minute showers which use less water and a toilet which displaces up to 1.2 litres of water, and therefore makes it far more environmentally friendly.


wood burning stoveThere are a number of tactics that can be used to make your home more energy efficient when it comes to electricity. Instead of using a fan heater on those chilly evenings, why not light a fire instead? Many people will advertise free wood during the winter months if they have thrown out an old wardrobe or bookcase and do not want the hassle of taking it to a landfill – you might even have such a resource yourself. Look out for this on various different sites and social networks. By burning the wood and having a fire instead of using an electrical heater, the warmth will no doubt last for longer and you will actually see more benefits.

If you are willing to spend some small sums of money, then investing in countdown timers could be a good option. You can set these to a specific period of time so that once this time is up the socket will turn off and therefore you will not be using energy – they’re ideal for things like electric heaters/radiators, lights/lamps or wi-fi routers when these aren’t needed. For just a few pounds you can pick up one of these, plus it is a great way to set a designated time for the children to be allowed to watch television!


cooking with gasSmall changes could add up to make a huge difference when it comes to the gas consumption within your home. When cooking, boil water in the kettle rather than heating it on the stove as this will take far less time and can be more efficient – be sure to check how efficient your make of kettle is, though. If it’s particularly power hungry, then consider using your microwave – microwaves are designed only to heat water in foods, so are a great way to heat water without loss of energy. Also make sure you are using the correct size pan for the amount of food that you are cooking – using a pan which is too big will only waste fuel.

insulating a cold loftGrants are currently available for free loft insulation which could decrease your energy consumption and therefore save you around £140 a year. The government are also running a scheme which means that over 2.5 million households within the UK could receive a free boiler – this could save a significant amount of gas if your current boiler is old and no longer as energy efficient as it once was.

There are a number of ways to save energy for free but many of them are not well known. Therefore by taking full advantage of these services you are likely to become a far more efficient household when it comes to energy consumption.

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