Loft Conversion Ideas For Bungalows

Loft Conversion Ideas For Bungalows

Bungalows are a smart and attractive type of property to live in, but they can present problems in terms of space. If you are considering moving to a bigger property, hang fire – a loft conversion at your existing bungalow could provide a better solution.

This gives you more room in your existing property, not to mention the opportunity to create the additional rooms you really want. Indeed, if you haven’t already thought about converting your loft space, perhaps the following tips and advice will change your mind.

Different ideas for loft conversions in a bungalow

A bungalow loft conversion will often incorporate one or more additional bedrooms and perhaps an extra bathroom or en suite as well. Clearly you have to consider the addition of a staircase but an experienced architect should be able to present the most practical solution to this challenge.

Many people convert their loft for other reasons as well. For example, home offices are very popular nowadays but there is often little room for such a space in a bungalow. This wouldn’t be the case if the loft was converted to make additional space.

Another option is to create guest rooms and perhaps a games room for those who have children or grandchildren. For some, the option to have a quiet space to escape to with skylights or dormer windows to open it up is enough to warrant looking into it more seriously.

You could also reconsider how you use the main part of your bungalow at present. Why not get rid of a downstairs bedroom, add two upstairs and knock the former bedroom through to create a bigger kitchen diner or lounge area? It’s worth considering if you haven’t yet done so.

What are the benefits of a loft conversion in a bungalow?

The main benefit is the vast increase in space. Typically speaking most of the footprint of the property can be extended upwards, almost doubling the property’s size in the process. As such it can vastly extend the property to accommodate more rooms. This is ideal for a growing family that is in need of more bedrooms.


Another advantage is that you can stay in your existing property and enjoy more space without having to move. It can be easier to get the finance to do this than it is to move home, especially with the new stricter mortgage rules coming into force.

It is also very often cheaper to have a loft conversion done than it is to move home. While a conversion will require building work and upheaval, some would argue it is still easier than moving to a completely different location.

As you can see there is a lot to think about here. Consider how much space you could gain and what you could do to enhance your bungalow in the process. You might be surprised at the answers when you start looking at your bungalow in terms of the amount of space it provides above your head.