Kitchen essentials you need for 2018

Kitchen essentials you need for 2018

The kitchen is the beating heart of a home for many families, and while everybody has preferences on décor, we believe that adding these appliances can enhance any experience.


Perfect Pizzas in less than 5 minutes

Our first suggestion is to invest in a No-Oven Pizza Cooker. Ordering a takeaway and gathering the family is fun, but any homemade meal prepared with love is automatically tastier. By picking up one of these hob top gadgets, (which heat up to 430 degrees C in only a few minutes), there is no need to wait for the pizza delivery guy! Perfect crispy bases and bubbly toppings, without having to wait for your oven to heat up! Not confident? You can still cook shop bought pizzas from frozen in no time at all.


Cook on the oven top with no mess

Have you considered applying Off-Grid Cooker Tops to your kitchen? A fantastic addition to any gas-powered cooker, these tops increase safety for anybody cooking on the hob. Perhaps best of all, however, these cast iron grids have sealed burners, so no spillages can slip down and collect, causing endless cleaning and hard work!
The only drawback is that these tops are not available on electric cookers, so do consider if you want to work with gas.


Measure and Mix with ease!

Smart Digital Measuring Jugs are an essential in the kitchen for any keen baker. These technological marvels help retain pinpoint accuracy while measuring and mixing ingredients, and as anybody that has ever attempted to emulate Mary Berry will be acutely aware, this is of paramount importance when following a recipe. Automatic conversion whether you operate in grams or oz, mls or fluid oz – so precise that multiple ingredients can all be measured at the same time – one jug does it all, so little in terms of clearing up.

With detachable jug for cleaning and automatic turn off button, you save on dirty dishes and don’t waste battery time.


Move over American Fridges, make way for French Door Fridges

Of course, if you are looking to prepare all of these enviable home-cooked meals you will need somewhere to store the ingredients. French Door Fridges are currently a most popular design of this appliance, and it is not difficult to understand why. This design brings the aesthetic of a kitchen cupboard to your fridge, with double doors ensuring that everything you may need is at eye-level.

Opening these doors gives you a full view of what you have in stock, rather than overbuying or letting food ‘go off’. No longer will you end up overstocking certain items because you forgot you had them, or tossing away produce because you failed to notice they were turning an unappetising shade of green. Freezer space, usually 2 drawers below the doors, can be limited in some brands, so do compare so that you find the perfect fridge/freezer for you.

Many of these models are energy efficient, and have under-shelf lighting so items stored are even easier to see. Most have outside touch button controls, so temperature control is so easy. Icemakers are usually in situ in most models.


Perfect Coffee at the touch of a button!

Cooking and baking can be exhausting. Thankfully, an Adjustable Espresso Maker is the perfect way to kickstart your morning, or provide an after dinner coffee.

These smart machines provide a variety of options to suit everyone, with settings for strength and temperature easily variable at the touch of a button. Furthermore, no need to adjust the machine for the blend you require – at the touch of a button, grinding is done automatically to suit the beans you are using! Get your day off to the best and quickest possible start!

Many models include automatic milk frothers (great if you like cappuccino), removable drip trays, removable water tank and automatic clean function, but in the majority of machines, the parts are dishwasher safe anyway.

So get into 2018 ahead of the game, bring your kitchen equipment up to speed and enjoy!