Kitchen Design Trends to watch for 2018

Kitchen Design Trends to watch for 2018

As the light begins to draw down on 2017, now is the perfect time to start planning new designs for the heart of any house: the kitchen. We put together five design ideas that can keep you cooking in style.


  1. Don’t work too hard.

Chic kitchens can use neutral colours. Although bright and bold colours have become more popular throughout 2017, soft neutrals will never go out of style and will always be a safe choice. The charm is to feed the eye with a layered feel to the room and stop it looking sterile or one – dimensional.

Galley Kitchens

  1. Keep the cosy factor.

For a family home it is essential that your kitchen has a cosy welcoming feel. This could be the place where your family are spending a majority of their time. We recommend that If you choose a lighter coloured kitchen, you should go with a dark floor for good balance and to crank up the cosiness factor.

Ash Walnut Laminate Flooring

  1. Don’t underestimate undertones.

Grey used to be considered as a dull colour which home owners wouldn’t dream of including in their colour scheme. Now, grey is considered the most dominant colour in the design game. Grey undertones can add some shade to most colours and create a softer feel as well as creating depth to a room.








  1. Back toBlack.

Your kitchen will be filled with appliances and they can be the key to a more cost effective kitchen re-vamp.  Make sure you’re considering your kitchen appliances in your design approach. “White goods” in black and shades of grey slate can really add personality to the room in an understated way.

  1. A feast for the eye.

If you’re going for a more subtle base for your kitchen, with neutral walls and white appliances, you can balance this with a few statement pieces that grab the eye. Careful additions of decorative hardware, ornate plate collections and designed surface protectors will add flavour and depth to the kitchen scene and will get your guests complimenting your interiors.

If your kitchen is due an upgrade, take note of these tips when planning and designing your new kitchen. Be ahead of the game for the latest trends for 2018.