Kitchen design process – how to get it right the first time.

Kitchen design process – how to get it right the first time.

When you are designing a new kitchen, it is a lengthy process that you want to make sure you get right the first time. We have written a useful guide with everything you will need to consider when planning a kitchen upgrade.

So; where to begin?

Before you start the exciting journey of a kitchen redesign, ask yourself some key questions:

What makes you…you?

Before starting the design process, what is it about your kitchen that shows your unique fingerprints as an individual, a couple or a family? Do you want accessible storage and seating space, acres of work surfaces or the latest high tech kitchen design features? 

What are the limitations of your current design?

Do low cupboards bang into busy knees? Does washing up take over instead of tidy up? Is storage a matter of squeezing in, instead of sorting out? If your kitchen design is making life hard for those that use it, you’ll have a room that is only designed for dreary drudgery, function and frustration. Do you dream of a room that coaxes teenagers away from TV screens and focusses a family around food?

What is my budget?

We would all love the bells and whistles approach, but a realistic budget is the first step in structuring the next parts of the process. It will also give you more focus on what will, and won’t, fit into the final look you are aiming for.

How much disruption during the process can you deal with?

You don’t want you house’s engine room to be out of action for a moment longer than is strictly necessary, so try to be realistic about striking a balance between the dream ending and one that keeps your family fully functional for as long as possible.

Why reinvent the wheel?colour swatches

We all need a kitchen palette to paint your perfect masterpiece. One-wall designs, corridor designs, L-shaped structured and a mouth watering range of other templates will maximise the comfort and control you have. All you need to do is add your style and personality to the structures we supply and you’re off and running.

Don’t forget to look down.

A perfect kitchen design needs to sit on a flooring style that sets off its best features, is adaptable and hard wearing but also adds the perfect setting for the jewel of your design.

It’s never too early to start planning.

There really is no time like the present, so start those creative kitchen juices flowing and let’s get cooking!