Keeping your conservatory clean all year round

Keeping your conservatory clean all year round

The process of building a new conservatory is an exhaustive process but one that will truly transform your property. Maintenance will be required but the level of work required is relatively low if the right checks and cleaning procedures are followed. Read through our tips below to find out how to clean and maintain your conservatory across the year.


Cleaning the glass

Cleaning the outside of you conservatory once a year is usually all that is required to keep it in good condition. The exterior will naturally collect bits of dirt and small marks due to the conditions outside which can be easily wiped away. The same window cleaning material used on windows inside your home can be applied here to give the glass a good clean and shine.


Removing debris and dirt

Using a secure ladder and suitable garden gloves, you can remove any leaves, twigs, dirt or moss that has collected over time. Try to have someone standing at the bottom of the ladder to ensure it maintains its balance and try not to overreach. Gradually moving the ladder along may take a little longer but it is also much safer. Once the debris has been collected in a black bin liner you can use a garden hose to rinse out the gutter and any remaining pieces of dirt.


Dealing with repairs

Although damages may seem small at first they can expand into much larger problems if not dealt with quickly. Not all repairs will mean high bills and long periods spent working on them. For example, blown or misty double glazing will only mean the glass has to be replaced rather than having a new frame installed with it.


Cleaning the roof

We strongly advise never to stand or place extended pressure onto the roof of your conservatory so you avoid any possibility of an accident occurring. To clean the roof, use a secure ladder with somebody holding the base to keep it stabilised. A soft brush with an extendable handle can be used to reach the areas of the roof at the back. Clean soapy water can be used to clean the area before lightly rinsing away the suds with a garden hose.

A good alternative to consider is an upgrade to a solid conservatory roof. This type of roof is not only easier to clean and maintain but a solid roof lasts longer and allows you to make the most of your conservatory throughout the whole year.


Using a pressure washer

Pressure washers offer a lot of benefit for cleaning some parts of your property but it should never be used to clean the glass on your conservatory. This is simply due to the high level of pressure that could damage the seals around the windows, potentially creating gaps and openings that would need to be repaired.


Locks and hinges

The smaller components also need maintenance. Once or twice a year applying WD40 to lubricate the locks and hinges will keep them in good working order during the colder winter months in particular.


Taking care of the inside

Ventilation is an important part of maintaining heat circulation during the summer months. Opening windows or doors, or installing window or air vents during the construction of the conservatory will help. Radiators or underfloor heating will help heat the space during the summer. This will combat any potential condensation, damp or mould that can develop during the changing seasons.

Following the steps above will help keep you conservatory looking great all year round. A conservatory is an investment that adds value and brings pleasure to everyone in the home and needs care and attention over time. Taking care of your conservatory will ensure it continues to take care of you.