Is An Extension Cheaper Than a Conservatory?

Is An Extension Cheaper Than a Conservatory?

So, you’re looking to extend your home. At some point (unless you have a very firm idea of what you want) you’ll probably wonder whether to opt for an extension or a conservatory. After this the question of cost will come up too.

With this in mind let’s delve into the main areas of the question now. These should help you understand what the best option would be for your situation and of course for your budget.

What Are The Advantages of Each Option?

A conservatory is ideal if you want an additional light and airy room that opens out into the garden. It can also be used for a multitude of purposes – as a home office, a dining room, a playroom or a space to relax in. It will come into its own in the summer but with heating, blinds and well-chosen furniture it can still be a space to use in the winter if it is properly planned for.

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In contrast an extension has several advantages too. It stays warmer in the winter than a conservatory and is more ruggedly built than a conservatory. You can also opt for a two-storey extension instead of a single-storey one. You have more options as to how to use the space too. It’s possible to have a kitchen in an extension downstairs, and a new toilet or extra bedroom or two upstairs.

As you can see you need to consider what you wish to use the new space for, whether you are happy with a single storey or two, and whether you want the space to be comfortable enough to use all year round.

What Are The Costs?

A conservatory is typically cheaper than even a single-storey extension. The difference in price will depend on how big the structure is and how complex it is as well as the quality. However you will usually make significant savings by purchasing and installing a conservatory instead of having an extension built.

You do however have to consider why you want extra room. A conservatory won’t be practical if you want an extra bedroom but it could work if you want an office space.

The cost for an extension is usually priced per square metre. Conversely a conservatory is usually priced as is, depending on the style and size you choose. You can save money with a conservatory if you have the skills to erect it yourself instead of calling someone in to do it for you. This isn’t possible with an extension unless you’re a builder by trade.

Planning Permission Differences

The rules for England state that you don’t need planning permission if you are going to add a conservatory to your home. There are specific conditions that must be met but on the whole most conservatories will be fine.

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Extensions are also covered under the permitted development rules. However there are several conditions that are in place here too. You must make sure you can meet them if you want to build an extension. If you cannot you will need to put in a planning application for the proposed extension.

Start by Getting a Quote

Regardless of whether you have made your mind up on whether to get an extension or a conservatory, it is important to get a quote so you know what the likely costs will be. It’s easy to get a quote for a house extension or a conservatory so by doing this now you can start planning ahead to see whether you would be best suited to get a conservatory or an extension.