Rewiring a house is a major job for a qualified electrician. Not all houses need rewiring – it depends on a number of factors, not least how safe the existing system is. Generally speaking an old system dating back many years should definitely be replaced. Crucial signs include round light switches and old fuse boxes.

If you know the electrics present in your home have been there for some years, it might be worth getting them tested and examined by an electrician. They will be able to tell you whether the system is fine or whether something (or everything) needs updating. The golden rule is this – if in doubt, get it checked out.

Obviously you’ll know the electrical history of your own property for the duration of the time you’ve lived there. However you may not know the history prior to that. If you are moving into a property or you have just done so, it’s worth finding out whether it needs to be rewired or not.

We’ve got the information you need here, including details on the regulations concerning house rewiring. We’ve also covered the topic of how messy rewiring is, and how much you can expect it to cost. Once you’ve read up on the topic you’ll feel better able to hire an electrician to find out how good (or how bad) your own home electrics really are. Don’t leave it to chance – find out more now and be prepared just in case.