The kitchen is the heart of a home. As the room that everyone in a household needs to use on a regular basis, a kitchen is a kind of social centre cum workspace and the place for conversation as well as cooking. The pages in this section provide useful information on getting a kitchen extension, and discuss design ideas, materials, installation and costs.

Extend or Re-design Your Kitchen

Arguably the single most important room in a home, a kitchen is a lot more than the place where the cooking gets done. A good kitchen is the very heart of a home, meeting the needs of all who live there and providing a space for work, play and reflection.

Households change, of course. People get older, get married, have children, move away. As the numbers of people who need to use a kitchen change, so does the kitchen itself. It is no wonder that one of the most common reasons for getting a house extension is to make changes to the kitchen area. In Kitchen Extensions we outline the possibilities available if you want to get an extension or re-design your existing kitchen area.

The Costs of Getting a New Kitchen

With so many factors to consider, including design, use of space, appliances and installation, it can be difficult to know where to begin when it comes to getting a new kitchen. Our Kitchens Buying Guide provides some essential information on how to go about changing this essential part of your home.

Giving you a clearer idea of the kind of prices you can expect, How Much Does a New Kitchen Cost? is an up-to-date summary of rough costs of both materials and installation.

New Kitchen Ideas

Getting the extension or re-design done is one thing, knowing what to put inside your new kitchen is a whole new area filled with tricky decisions and potential pitfalls. Kitchen Design Ideas offers a range of suggestions that will suit various types of homes, from those with a traditional look and feel to the latest in contemporary design. One crucial aspect of any kitchen is its surfaces, and Kitchen Worktops offers timely advice on the options available to you.