If your home is poorly insulated you will pay more for your heating than you would otherwise. It has been found that 25% of the heat from your home is lost through the roof if it is not insulated. With heating bills climbing ever higher, it makes sense to do something about it if your loft isn’t appropriately insulated.

Fortunately it is easier than ever to get proper loft insulation in place. Many people are put off by the cost of undertaking this task, even though it tends to be one of the more affordable jobs you can have done. Estimates suggest you could slash your heating bills by as much as £180 every single year once the insulation is in place. You can also start saving money straightaway if you opt to apply for a loft insulation grant to get the job done.

What is a loft insulation grant?

This is a grant that is provided by the Green Deal – a government initiative aimed at making sure as many UK properties as possible are green and environmentally friendly. There is a chance you may be able to get one of these grants if you qualify under the terms attached to them. If this is the case you will get the work done for nothing, get your loft insulated and not have a penny to pay back. This in turn would mean you can start reaping the savings on your energy bills from the moment the work is done.

Do you qualify for a grant?

There is more than one type of grant available to cover loft insulation. The first applies if you receive one or more certain types of benefit. These include pension credit, child tax credit and working tax credit. Check the latest information to see whether you qualify in your situation as there are qualifying components attached to these benefits too.

Secondly you may get a grant if you live in a specific post code area. The government has deemed some areas to be more prone to fuel poverty than others. Even if you have a good income you will qualify for a free grant if you live in one of these areas.

Finally you may also be able to get a free grant for loft insulation if you have cavity walls that would not be easy to get insulated. There could be several reasons for this. However if this applies in your situation you should find you can enjoy free insulation for your walls and your loft, providing even more energy saving properties for your home.

The best way to see if you can get free loft insulation is to apply for a grant. Our form guides you through the process and provides a quick answer so you know where you stand. Many people consider buying their loft insulation but if you can get the cash for free, why not take the government’s help to insulate your home? You could start saving on your energy bills sooner than you think.