Cavity walls are so called because there is a cavity between the outer and inner sections of the wall. If your property has cavity walls there is a good chance you are losing valuable heat through them.

The good news is this can be rectified by using cavity wall insulation. Insulation is used to fill the gap between the two layers of the wall, thus preventing a major source of heat loss in homes with these walls. There is more good news too – you may find you can get this type of insulation without having to pay for it, thanks to the existence of cavity wall insulation grants.

What is a cavity wall insulation grant?

This is a grant that covers the cost of a professional installing this form of insulation in the cavity walls of your home. If you qualify for a grant (see section below) you will be able to get the work done and paid for in full. You do not have to pay back the cost at any point in the future. All you have to do is enjoy the energy savings you will be able to make on your bills, not to mention enjoying a warmer property from the moment the insulation is installed.

Do you qualify for a grant?

Homeowners may qualify if they fall into one of three groups. Renters can also qualify if they rent privately.

The first group to qualify will be those who get one or more forms of benefits related to their income. There are associated components relevant to some of these so make sure you find out if you qualify in your specific situation.

Even if you do not receive any of the qualifying benefits you may still be able to get a grant for free cavity wall insulation. Some people have cavity walls that are hard to insulate in this way. The only way you can find out if your walls fall into this bracket is if you have a survey. Typically speaking the survey can be carried out free of charge, but do check in your specific situation as in some cases a contribution may be required. If your cavity walls do present a problem of some kind, you will qualify for free insulation under the terms of the scheme.

Finally the government has deemed certain post codes to qualify under the scheme. Some parts of the country have lower incomes than others, so if you live in one of these areas (regardless of how much or little you earn) you will qualify for one of these grants.

It makes sense to take advantage of a grant if you qualify to do so. With energy bills rising all the time and more people living in fuel poverty, the less cause you have to turn up the heating the better off you will be. Start today by getting a quote and see whether you can qualify to take advantage of this eco-friendly method of keeping the heat in your home.