You may, in recent years, have taken advantage of one of the many schemes designed to make your home more energy efficient. Along with loft insulation, wall cavity insulation was also encouraged. However some householders are now discovering that the insulation pumped into their walls is causing them problems – particularly with damp inside their home.

Why has the insulation gone wrong?

This may be due to incorrect installation, the incorrect insulation used or that the insulation has become damaged in some way (for example it has become wet due to flood). In many cases the insulation has been installed by rogues who haven’t taken the time to evaluate the home to ensure it is suitable. Either way, the insulation needs to be removed and that is where Cavity Wall Extraction can be used.

How does Cavity Wall Extraction work?

The process is relatively simple, but time consuming and involves the cutting out of bricks towards the lower part of your outside wall and a specialist vacuum inserted. A high pressure hose is inserted into the wall at the top of each story to ensure that all of the insulation is blown towards the vacuum. In some cases the insulation may need to teased out using more directional nozzles. This is especially the case if the insulation has become compacted. The cracks and holes are then refilled and your wall is as good as new.

If you are suffering with damp, it is very important that all of the insulation is removed to allow the space to completely dry out. This can take up to 2 months. After this time you may wish to get a second opinion to see if the wall can be insulated in a way that won’t cause issues.

Paying for the extraction

Even though your insulation was installed under a scheme and you didn’t pay for it, it doesn’t mean you will be happy to pay for the extraction which can be around £2500 for an average property. However, you may be forced to as those who ran the schemes are currently not admitting fault. You may be able to approach the company that installed your insulation and ask them to remove it – but you will need to prove the damp issues you are suffering are caused by the insulation and not by your own actions. You can also contact your insurance company to see if they are able to help, which may work if your issues are caused by flood.

You may be regretting the decision to install wall cavity insulation, but the problems you are having can be fixed. You may also be able to have new insulation added if your home is deemed suitable. The vast majority of homes suffer no ill effects from this type of insulation and hopefully yours will be one of them.