People often wonder how they can reduce their energy bills. One of the most obvious ways to do this is to use less energy in the first place. However, few people consider how well insulated their home is, and how much of that precious energy and warmth could be escaping.

What are the benefits of home insulation?

Home insulation will benefit you in many different ways. Firstly it prevents the heat you generate from being lost through the walls and roof of your property. An amazing 25% of the heat in your home will go straight up through the roof and be lost if you don’t insulate your loft. Heat can also escape through the walls if they are not properly insulated. We all know how expensive energy bills can be, so the idea of wasting the energy we generate is shocking indeed.

Furthermore, when your home is properly insulated you will find you don’t need to generate as much heat in the first place. Since the heat will be trapped inside rather than escaping through the fabric of the building, you won’t need to have your heating quite as high as it is at the moment. This holds true even in the depths of winter.

Another perk is that insulating your home doesn’t have to be as expensive as you might think. The savings you will make on your energy bills are likely to be significant and you can also make those savings every year after the insulation is put in place. This means you will make back your money and save more cash on an ongoing basis.

In short, the benefits of insulating your home far outweigh the initial costs of doing so – and they keep on coming too.

Can you get free home insulation?

Yes it is possible to do this. There are home insulation grants available to many people so it is worth investigating whether or not you qualify. These grants are completely free and you don’t need to repay them, so it could be the best way to start saving money immediately.

If you receive benefits related to low income or you have cavity walls or external walls that are classed as hard to insulate, you will qualify for free home insulation. The same also applies if you are living in a specific area that is classed as having a traditionally lower income. These rules apply to loft insulation and also to cavity wall insulation.

A grant for external wall insulation can be given to those who rely on coal or electricity to heat their homes. Alternatively, if you use gas, LPG or oil you should qualify for as much as 50% off the procedure.

The best bet is to find out more about the options available in your area and to see if you are on any benefits that qualify for the free grant to be given. Home insulation will keep your property warmer and more comfortable all year, so it makes sense to invest in it (or get it done for free) if you possibly can.