Cheaper than a house extension and less of an interruption to your daily life than a loft or basement conversion, getting your garage converted is an excellent means of doing more with your home. For many people, having some office space or a play area for the kids is more important than providing shelter for a car – especially considering the fact that modern cars are more durable than their predecessors. That doesn’t mean that there aren’t any expenses or potential problems, of course. However, there is no doubt that a good quality garage conversion will add value to your property, and increase the living space and versatility of your home. Below is a rough guide to some of the costs involved.

Garage conversion prices

Although it is difficult to say how much a garage conversion would cost as each house or project can be different, the following prices are a guide to what you can expect to be spending. These prices do not reflect the fact that prices vary throughout the UK, with higher prices around London compared to other parts of the country.

A single garage being converted into a standard room, such as a bedroom, dining room or office, can be quoted anywhere between £8,000 and £12,000. Extra costs of £1,500-£2,500 can be added for en-suites or kitchens.

A double integral garage being converted into a standard room can be quoted anywhere between £10,000 and £18,000. As with a single garage, extra costs of £1,500 to £2,500 can be added for en-suites or kitchens.

These prices would be increased if the garages had flat roofs which would need completely re-roofing as opposed to pitched roofs which don’t.

Other garage conversion expenses

Other expenses to factor in are flooring, electrics and windows. Carpeting, laminate flooring or tiles may be needed to make the room more comfortable. Few garages come with double-glazed windows and doors, and if you are going to spending a lot of time in your new room, and you want to keep your energy bills down, this is well worth investing in. When it comes to electrics, make sure you get a professional to do any re-wiring – they should make sure that any alteration is protected by the residual current device (trip switch).

Lastly, don’t forget the cost of any furniture and appliances that will be added to your new room.

All of these things can add up, but with careful planning and a clear budget which is decided upon from the outset, there’s no reason why shouldn’t manage to create a beautiful new area in your home.