the cost of a new boiler

The cost of a new boiler will depend on the size, type and brand of boiler that choose, but there’s no doubting it’s importance within your home. It makes sure you have heating whenever you need it, and if it is a combi boiler it will also produce hot water whenever required. It is not until your boiler breaks down that you realise just how much you rely on it on a day-to-day basis.

If your boiler has indeed given up the ghost, or you have a very old one that may not be that efficient by modern standards, you may be considering a boiler replacement. This is a major job but it can pay dividends, especially if your existing boiler is no longer very reliable.

Here we delve into the various points you need to think about and find out how much you might pay to get a new boiler.

New boiler costs – how much?

This is the big question everyone asks so we’ll address this first. There are many different brands of boiler and the price you will pay will depend on the one you choose. It may also depend on the type of boiler you get.

Broadly speaking the price could be anything from around £800 at the cheapest end of the scale up to £2,000 or so at the most expensive end. This excludes installation.

Gas boilers and combi boilers tend to be cheaper than oil combi models, so bear this in mind. The majority of homes will have a combi or a gas model though. It is much harder to find an oil combi boiler for under £1,000. As you can see, your new boiler cost will depend on the make, model and type of boiler you need to get.

Prices for installing a new boiler

installing a new boilerYou also have to bear in mind the fitting costs involved. These will push up the total price you will pay. It is difficult to provide an accurate costing here since it depends on a number of factors. These include the person or company you choose to do the installation, how much work is involved and whether you are replacing like-for-like or not. For example, say you have a condensing boiler (now required in the vast majority of cases in domestic homes) and you are replacing it with something similar in the exact same place. In this situation you’d pay less than if you were substituting a non-condensing model with a condensing one in the same place. Similarly if you want to move the position of the boiler for some reason, it will cost more than keeping it in the same place. This is because of the additional work involved in completing the job, such as putting in additional pipework for example.

Will a new boiler represent a saving in running costs?

You are likely to notice a bigger difference with regard to a new boiler if your existing one is not very efficient. This is more likely to be the case the older it is. For example if your existing boiler only offers 60% efficiency and you upgrade to a new one that offers 90% efficiency, you could save as much as one-third on your annual gas bill.

This would be a significant amount since your boiler would be working far more smartly than before.A new boiler might also be more cost-effective if you find you’re constantly paying out to have your existing one repaired.

energy efficient heating While some boilers run fine for years before suddenly dying, others start to develop little niggles and faults that need constant tweaking and repairing before they give up.

If you’re calling out an engineer to repair your existing boiler two or three times a year, you need to think about how expensive that is. It might be cheaper to invest that money in a new boiler that should hopefully be a lot more reliable.

Could you qualify to use a boiler replacement scheme?

Before you start saving the pennies to meet the cost of a new boiler, it might be worth looking into boiler grants and replacement schemes.

The government is offering grants to certain households that could result in a free boiler or possibly one that is heavily-subsidised. If you qualify it could mean your boiler replacement cost is low to nil, instead of running into four figures.

You can find out more from the official site for boiler grants and the application process is interactive. Various elements are assessed prior to an answer being given. For example you should state whether or not you are in receipt of any government benefits. The scheme is aimed at low-income homes and also those that are less efficient at keeping in the heat. For the sake of a few minutes’ filling in a simple questionnaire, it is certainly worth giving it a try.

Should you get a new boiler?

get boiler quotesAs you can see there is a lot to think about here. Sometimes you won’t get a choice in whether or not to get a new boiler, as your old one might make the decision for you! However if it’s old and not very efficient you might like to crunch some numbers before deciding whether or not to replace it.

Either way if you suspect your existing boiler is reaching the end of its useful life, start saving towards a new one now. At least then when you do have to have it replaced it won’t be as much of a shock and you’ll have some money saved up to meet the cost.

Remember too that if you do reach the stage where a new boiler is necessary, shop around for quotes before opting for one particular company to supply and fit the boiler for you. While you can buy a boiler yourself and simply hire someone to fit it, you should know and understand which model is best for your property first.