If you are seriously considering introducing air conditioning into your home, one of the key questions you’ll want to ask concerns price. How much will you need to spend to cool down your home in the height of summer?

How Much Does Air Conditioning Cost?

The answer depends on the type of air con unit you get. There are two broad choices to consider initially. The first is a portable unit that can be carried from room to room depending on where you happen to be. This means you only need the one unit to cater for your entire house; you just need to be prepared to move it from one room to the next when necessary.

How much will a portable unit cost?

These are quite readily available and they can be found for around £75 or so, depending on where you look. Of course this is the approximate starting price; you will find more superior portable models that can cost anything up to several hundred pounds. As always you get what you pay for. Pricier models tend to be longer lasting. However they all cost money to run and this can add up over time. For this reason alone it may be worth looking at a built in air con system.

How much will a built in air conditioning system cost?

You have two prices to consider here – the cost of the system itself and the cost of getting it installed. The prices will vary largely depending on exactly what you need.

For example at the simplest end of the scale you can have a single unit installed in one room. At the other end of the scale there is the possibility to have a split air conditioning system. This is able to cool several rooms but as you might imagine, it is more powerful and requires more work to be installed. The cost for a built in system might therefore be anything from a few hundred pounds for the simplest single unit installation to several thousand for a top of the range system.

Consider the additional cost of servicing and maintaining a built in system

Air Conditioning Prices

This is another aspect to consider before choosing between a portable unit and a built in system. A portable unit doesn’t last as long as the built in versions, but you don’t have to maintain it or put it through a service either. This ongoing cost has to be factored in before you make your decision on what to do.

It’s worth considering how many cool rooms you’d like during the summer months before choosing to go down one route or another. Estimating the running costs of a standalone unit would help you figure out whether a proper installation might be cheaper in the long run. If you are often at home you may feel it is worth getting a professional installation. On the other hand an easy to use portable unit might solve your problems more easily than you might think