In the midst of the hottest summer months it can get pretty warm and uncomfortable even in the UK. It’s no surprise then that many people start thinking about getting air conditioning units for their homes.

Home Air Conditioning Options

If this includes you, it’s worth looking into the various options you have to choose from. We’ve presented some of them for you here so you can decide which option is best for you.

Portable units

This is by far the easiest method to choose, and on the face of it they are cheaper as well. However you should consider all angles before buying any.

Firstly they are cheap, with the most basic units coming in at less than £100. However they are cheap for a reason and the lowest priced ones will usually not have a long operating life. They can also be expensive to run as you plug them into a standard socket whenever you need them. They are portable though, so you could buy one or two units and position them wherever you need a cool space to enjoy.

Easy to fit wall mounted air conditioners

Some companies offer this option, where the aircon unit is mounted to the wall in a room and provides air conditioning for a specific amount of space. The larger and more powerful the unit, the more air it can cool.

Split type aircon units

The reference to a split refers to the fact that some units have a divided refrigeration system to cool the air. These require one half to be outside and the other inside the home. This isn’t suitable for all properties which is why the type mentioned above is also available. Other split types can be attached to walls or ceilings depending on space and circumstances. If you want an unobtrusive solution, look for a ducted split type air conditioning unit. This can be installed in the loft space and cool air is delivered through grilles in each room.

Multi split type aircon units

This relies on having one unit outside your home and two or more units inside. This is a bigger system that can cool your entire home, depending on how many interior units you have. Again they can be wall mounted and be as obvious or unobtrusive as you wish, depending on what you select.

Bespoke installations

If you want a really cool home with no visible signs of air conditioning in any room, this could be your best option. It will also – obviously – be the most expensive, so you should consider your budget before making a decision.

The good news is there is an air conditioning option available that will suit any home you need to install it in. From small flats to larger properties with several bedrooms, it’s possible to cool them all in the summer when you choose the appropriate way to do it. From a single portable unit to a fully bespoke installation, there is something out there to keep you cool every day.