Improve Home Security Over The Holidays

Improve Home Security Over The Holidays

With Christmas fast approaching it’s never been more important to keep your home and your belongings secure. It is no secret that burglaries increase over the festive period as thieves are looking for the latest products to steal and they are most likely sitting under a tree.

Imagine the heartbreak of waking up on Christmas morning, running down the stairs and finding no presents underneath your tree. To make matters worse the thieves have probably taken your TV and a whole host of your belongings leaving you empty handed and I imagine feeling pretty gutted.

Here are some tips on keeping your home secure over the Christmas period and helping to deter thieves entering your home.

Simple Crime Prevention

security lightingA simple floodlight on your home would prevent a burglar from coming anywhere near your house. They don’t want to run the risk of being seen so by lighting your home up when the motion sensor detects movement you will ensure they run in the opposite direction. Using a service such as Immobilise will also help, advertise that your goods are registered using window stickers and this will tell the burglar that everything worth stealing is traceable and they should leave you well alone.

Festive Lights

festive outdoor lightsFestive lighting on your home can look amazing if done correctly! It can also look tacky, don’t overdo it! The importance here though is that however it looks, it’s important that you do not under any circumstance use extension leads feeding through open windows to light them up. Doing this is essentially inviting a burglar into your home. Use solar lights, battery operated lights or if you are going all out have some outdoor electrical outlets installed, it’s much safer.

Indoor Decorations

Making your home look pretty during the festive period is standard in this day and age, it gets everyone in the festive spirit and excited in the lead up to Christmas. Naturally you want to show these off through your windows so people can see how amazing it all looks. Just remember that by people, you are including burglars. Keep your curtains and blinds shut at night so you are not advertising your belongings.

A Christmas Holiday!

A getaway over Christmas sounds amazing, I personally would love absolutely nothing more than escaping the cold and spending my Christmas lazing on a beach somewhere, but what happens to your home when you’re gone? The biggest mistake people are making is posting pictures and statuses on social networks. You may as well just be typing “Burglars welcome, come and take what you want!” It sounds harsh, but don’t be that person. If you are going away ask a neighbour to park on your drive so it looks like someone is home. Also use lights on time sensors so from the outside it looks like someone is home.

Where Is Your Spare Key?

social networking sitesThis one always amuses me somewhat; the amount of people that still hide a key under a plant pot or along a door ledge is just astonishing. I can think of two people straight away just off the top of my head that do this. Burglars know all of these tricks like they invented them. If you are worried about locking yourself out or losing your keys then give a spare key to a trusted neighbour, friend or family member.

This all sounds quite bleak but by just following the above advice your home will be much more secure over the holiday season. The last thing you should be doing is getting stressed about these kinds of things because you want to enjoy yourself which is perfectly fine! Just be sensible and use common sense.

I hope you have a fantastic Christmas; it is fast approaching us now! Enjoy spending time with your family and friends and showering each other with amazing gifts and love, be safe and ultimately protect your home.

Reference Source: 1st Ace Security

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