How To Scribe For Perfection

How To Scribe For Perfection

For any DIY enthusiast, straight and even lines are always the ultimate aim. Knowing that a bookcase or new architrave built with your own hands is completely plumb instils a feeling of success each and every time. In the same sense, nothing is more frustrating than putting your latest creation in place and finding that the wall it is attached to isn’t plumb; leaving you with a slightly wonky-looking furniture that would otherwise be perfect.

The truth is that no wall is completely smooth. There are always discrepancies here or there that aren’t noticeable – not until it is time to fit a new cabinet that is! But all is not lost, through the simple act of scribing, your masterpiece can be salvaged.

What You Will Need

The art of scribing is a simple one. With that in mind, you most likely have the tools required to hand. All that is needed is a sharpened pencil, cutting tool, sander, a bubble level and, of course, your scribe. There are many scribe’s to choose from, some with a bubble level already built in, however, the compass you used in your school days is good enough for this task.

Step One:

Align your creation against the wall, if you are suspending cabinets then ensure you have somebody to help. Once you are happy that the furniture is plumb – use your bubble level as a guide – then set the point of your compass against the wall and draw a downward line onto your furniture. The compass will move along the wall and will mark out any nips or uneven parts of the wall.

Step Two:

Now that you know the intricate details of your wall, use your cutting tools to cut away any parts of you new cabinet, bookcase or whatever you are attaching to the wall, so that it fits perfectly. Finally, sand your furniture and attach it to your wall.

All that is left to do now is sit back and appreciate your masterpiece. Don’t forget that the smoothest of fits are created by quality materials, so we always recommend sourcing your tools from quality companies such as CNS Power Tools Ltd; who supply the highest quality equipment for an extremely competitive price.