How to make the most of a small bathroom

How to make the most of a small bathroom

If your bathroom puts the closet in water closet and you’re scratching your head on how to make the most of a small bathroom then we have a few great ideas to make your loo look luscious! The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to re-design and re-style as there’s some pretty important bits of kit in there (need we say more!) and these often can’t easily be moved. Therefore it’s best to accessories and soft furnishings to get the most from your bathroom.


Is absolutely key to making the most of small bathroom. Subtle use of lighting will make your room feel bigger and more inviting as well as adding a dash of style. Spot lights will give the bathroom more of an atmospheric feel. One of the hard things with lighting a bathroom is that you can’t just place a lamp or uplight anywhere you need some extra illumination, of obvious safety reasons. We love using illuminated mirrors by Pebble Grey, they are IP44 rated which means they are safe for use in the bathroom (bar the shower itself) and can add a sublime splash of light into darker areas and bring a real focus to the sink & vanity unit.

Think Storage

bathroom storageOne of the best ways to make a smaller bathroom appear larger and keep it free of clutter is to add storage wherever possible. Corner units, shelving and basin units are all vital in winning the battle against clutter and making your bathroom feel more spacious. Think about the ‘dead space’ in your bathroom, perhaps you could fit a shelf or small cupboard above the bath tub or towel rack above the toilet? All these small additional storage spaces will add up to making your bathroom feel more spacious and give you opportunity to introduce some design flair whilst doing so! Professional interior designers use one super-effective tool to create the feeling of more space and light in a smaller room: Mirrors. Think about any smaller bar, salon or restaurant you’ve been to, I would bet they used the strategic placing of mirrors to give the place a more open, lighter feeling. The same concept applies to your bathroom.

Place mirrors where they are going to reflect light, or if there’s little light use an illuminated mirror. Don’t be afraid to ‘go-big’, not only is a bigger mirror great for checking out your new outfit or admiring your new do it will give a more spacious open feel to a smaller bathroom and don’t limit yourself to one mirror above the basin, feel free to use two or three to open up the room.


In a smaller bathroom you probably won’t have all the space you’d like to house all your accessories and ornaments. Be selective, but also be smart. There’s a few really clever accessories out there that double up on functionality to make sure your bathroom packs a punch. One of our particular favourites is the illuminated mirror with Bluetooth speakers from Pebble Grey . This allows you to play your favourite music to sing along in the shower or, if you prefer, to put on a Sunday afternoon audio book and relax in the tub without having to have a separate hi-fi system as the speakers are hidden in the side of the mirror! It’s a great way to save space without compromising on functionality.
Make a statement.

The bathrooms is one of the only rooms in the house where you can fully let your quirky side out and experiment a little. Don’t be afraid to go bold in the bathroom! Maybe it’s blood stained ‘slasher’ shower curtain or a Polaroid camera toilet roll dispenser or simply a painting of your favourite seaside scene the bathroom should put a smile on your face and let your personality shine through.

bathroom lighting

Planning is Key

The ultimate key to getting the most out of your bathroom is planning. Start by taking everything out and looking at the space you’ve got (you might be surprised!) then think about what you must have in there. Then think about what theme you’d like to achieve, maybe it’s shabby chic or maybe is ultra-modern. Once you’ve worked out how much space you’ve got, the necessities you need and what style you’re aiming for you can then start working through the steps above; does the lighting add atmosphere?

Have you got ample storage and how could you increase it? Do the mirrors reflect light and add a feeling of space? Have you make the most of the accessories without adding clutter? And finally did you make a statement?