How to know when its time to upgrade your bathroom

How to know when its time to upgrade your bathroom

From outdated décor through to growing mould and leaky taps there are a whole host of reasons why it might be time to finally refurbish your bathroom. We’ve listed five of the most common reasons below to give you some inspiration that it might be time to make that all important change.

Changing circumstances

While your bathroom may be suited to you being single, or not having any children around, we all know that circumstances can quickly change. If more demands are placed on the bathroom then you will need to think about what changes should be made.

You may need a bigger bathtub to make the bedtime routine run smoothly, or even another sink so more people can brush their teeth and wash their face at the same time. The opposite is also equally as true. If your parenting days have finished then you may want to add in those luxuries that were never suitable with noisy kids and teenagers around to make a mess.

Moving home

Your bathroom may seem fine for your daily needs but once you take a step back to see its value to potential houses buyers it may not seem up to scratch. A modern and stylish bathroom could help to seal the deal and add value to the selling price. If you can’t afford to install a new shower, bath or sink basin then a new coat of paint will help to brighten the space and give it that all important ‘wow’ factor.

Lack of comfort

The bathroom should be a place you look forward to visiting at the end of long working day. If you find it hard to relax or do not relish the idea of a good long soak in the bath, deep down you are probably not happy with the décor, layout and overall ambience it provides.

This is the perfect moment for you to get creative and start thinking about ways you can freshen up the space. The colour scheme will be the main theme that dominates the mood in the room and a change in that respect often has an immediate effect. The lighting scheme also impacts the atmosphere more than we sometimes realise which could further complement a change in tone.

If you are bogged down with too much clutter in the bathroom the simple addition of some shelving, cabinets and hooks can help you gain some much needed organisational control. The bathroom is a place that allows our bodies and minds to feel refreshed and energised and it needs to remain a room that we look forward to visiting rather than one we can’t wait to leave.

Outdated and old

With so much time spent in the bathroom across any given day or week we quickly become used to seeing the same objects. After a certain point it becomes difficult to take a objective view of the spaces we live in as we adapt and accept the things we aren’t so happy about.

This may be the case with your bathroom and instead of making those all important changes you highlighted years ago other areas of the home became the priority. Whether your budget is small or large there are a whole host of things you can do from changing the flooring and tiling through to changing the tap fittings, or introducing new cabinets and mirrors.

Repairs and problems

If you are noticing more damp or mould slowly creeping across the bathroom you are likely to have a circulation problem. With so much moisture created in the room it needs to travel somewhere and if no extractor fan or window is present it will simply soak into the walls. Mould and damp will not only affect how you feel about spending time in the bathroom but it can also lead to health problems, especially for those with lung related conditions such as asthma. The installation of tiles and that all important extractor fan will make all the difference.

The same applies to any plumbing issues that haven’t been addressed. If a dripping tap means you have to tighten the bathroom tap so much you struggle to re-open it then calling a plumber might not be enough. You may have to consider getting a new sink basin or bath tub. We can overlook these for things for a certain amount of time but there comes a point where we have to face up to the problems these issue create in the home. Once fixed, we can start to enjoy the bathroom as it we are supposed to.

Making those all important changes to your bathroom does not have to cost a fortune. Even the smallest alterations can have a big impact on how you feel. We’re sure that if your bathroom is making you feel blue then by following one or more of the tips above you’ll soon be making the most of your bathroom once again.